Jets - May/June 2015

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Jet Noise
News from the JetWorld

Military History
Starfires over North Korea
The Lockheed F-94 Starfire had been in service just two months before it was summoned to assist in the Korean War.Warren Thompson charts the career of one of the USAF’s unsung jet fighters

Museum of the Month
Sri Lanka Air Force Museum
The Sri Lanka Air Force Museum has rescued some interesting exhibits and houses an impressive aviation library, as Tom Singfield discovers

Dominie’s last flight
Just over 50 years after the first HS.125 DominieT.1 took to the skies, the last of these RAF navigation trainers made the type’s final flight on February 20, 2015. Peter R March reports

Alive & Kicking
Twenty five years ago Captain Tim Lancaster had a close brush with death when he was nearly sucked out of the cockpit of his BAC 1-11. Kimberley Hawkins investigates what went wrong (and right) that fateful day

Military History
Meteors by Moonlight
Meteor night fighters were crucial to filling the UK’s defence capability gap after World War Two. Paul Fiddian takes an in-depth look into the ‘Meat Box’s’ spectral shadows

Super Sabre Kill
Flying primarily air-to-ground missions during the Vietnam War, the USAF’s F-100 Super Sabre was only briefly used in a fighter role. Jamie Ewan relates how the type made its mark against the enemy MiGs

Testing Times
The latest in Jet related books and products put to the test

Memory Lane
Jets is all about rekindling the memories of days gone by. As part of this we’re keen to hear from you and see the images filed away in your photo albums. This month Mike Vines recalls a “grand day out” aboard HMS Ark Royal in 1978

From the Cockpit
The Mind Set Jet
The Airbus A320 is one of the most modern airliners in service. Scott Germain takes readers aloft for a check flight in the ‘baby bus’

The Grumbler
One of the most unusual looking aeroplanes of all time was the French Sud-Est Grognard. Jamie Ewan takes a look at the ‘Grumbler’

Letters to the Editor

Record Breakers
Streak Eagle
The one-of-a-kind McDonnell Douglas F-15A Streak Eagle broke eight time-to-height records. Steve Bridgewater looks back at the jet’s achievements

Classic Turboprop
Avro’s Last Hurrah!
Avro’s successful turboprop airliner and military transport was conceived nearly sixty years ago. Richard Freail examines the development and service of the HS 748 and HS 780

Military History
Turbo Connie
It’s a Lockheed Constellation, but not as we know it! Richard Evans investigates the US Navy’s turboprop powered R7V-2 Super Connie

Classic Airliner
La Belle Caravelle
The beautiful and uniquely styled Caravelle was the world’s first short-haul jet and set the bar for every small jet airliner to follow. Andy Martin explains why

Britain’s Stop-Gap Bomber
One of life’s understudies, the Short Brothers’ SA.4 was conceived as a stop-gap, emerging with seriously dated technology. Yet the Sperrin was docile and flew beautifully, as Pete London reveals

Classics Compared
Tiger vs Scimitar
Both Grumman’s Tiger and Supermarine’s Scimitar were destined to have short service lives but both made ideal formation aerobatic mounts. Sebastian Morgan looks at a pair of swept-wing carrier borne fighters