Jets - March/April 2015

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Jet Noise
News from the JetWorld

From the Cockpit
Flying the Fouga An unconventional-looking, ex-military machine with a V-tail might not seem the ideal mount for fast jet aerobatics, but when Bob Grimstead took the controls, this Fouga Magister quickly won him over

Military History: First Generation Jet Trainers
In the first of a five-part series on jet trainers, Dr Dave Sloggett looks at aircraft from the ‘50s and explains how postwar development programmes changed the way that pilots learned to fly fighter jets

Classic Airline: BOAC
On Friday May 2, 1952 one of Britain’s two nationalised airlines became the world’s first jet airline. Bruce Hales- Dutton looks back at the history of the British Overseas Airways Corporation

Technology: Mid-Size Market
Airline passenger traffic is estimated to treble within the next 20 years and manufacturers are estimating a demand for 5,000 new mid-sized airliners. Kimberley Hawkins looks at the myriad of aircraft currently under development

Anniversary: The Last Gunfighter
The Vought Crusader was the US Navy’s first true supersonic fighter and its final aircraft to be designed around a cannon. Richard Freail examines the last of the gunfighters

Preservation: Wait, wait,wait… rush!
Restoring and repainting a large aircraft is always going to be a challenge when you’re operating as a charity. However, the Duxford Aviation Society has just completed a rapid restoration of its BAC 1-11, as Steve Bridgewater reports

Memory Lane
Jets is all about rekindling the memories of days gone by and we are always keen to hear from you and see the images filed away in your photo albums. This month, with the recent news that the USAF is to leave RAF Mildenhall, Mick Britton takes a nostalgic look back at the base’s famous Air Fete airshows

Record Breakers: Saigon Evacuation
The fall of the capital of South Vietnam in 1975 led to an unprecedented evacuation.Tom Pierce looks at an incredible sortie that resulted in hundreds of desperate people cramming into a single C-130 Hercules! 50TestingTimes The latest in jet-related books and products put to the test

Pioneers: The Gormless Ace
In the 1940s jet engines were a rare commodity and Gloster’s E.1/44 was created as a single-engined alternative to its twin-jet Meteor. Although officially known as the ‘Ace’ the aircraft was dubbed the ‘Gormless’ by Gloster’s Chief Test Pilot Bill Waterton. Pete London investigates why

Pioneers: Mixed Power Pioneers
The woeful performance of the earliest jet engines initially led aircraft manufacturers to team them with piston powerplants. However, the age of the mixed-power fighter was short lived, as Kimberley Hawkins reveals

Classic Airliner: End of an Era
Succeeding the DC-10, the MD-11 may not have been the success story that McDonnell Douglas hoped for but it still left a mark with passengers, pilots and enthusiasts. Spencer Bennett looks at the career of this longbodied but short-lived airliner

Pioneers: Close, but no combat
It’s commonly known that just a handful of jet aircraft were ready to see action inWorld WarTwo. However, as Frank Glass discusses, there were many more waiting in the wings

Classics Compared: X-4 Bantam vs DH.108 Swallow
Early jet testing had its trials and tribulations. Northrop’s X-4 Bantam and de Havilland’s DH.108 Swallow were designed to test the handling of tailless jets at transonic speeds but, as Sebastian Morgan reveals, they suffered very different fates