Jets - January/February 2015

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Jet Noise
News from the JetWorld

From the Cockpit A Lightning Dash
On par with the Spitfire in terms of popularity, a select number of English Electric Lightnings have staved off extinction and continue to roar. Jamie Ewan visits the protectors of two such jets and learns what it takes to keep a Lightning alive

Military Aviation “A Wanton Attack”
That was how a furious Winston Churchill described the shooting down of an RAF Avro Lincoln B2 bomber by Soviet MiG-15 jet fighters in March 1953. But over 60   years on, mystery still surrounds the tragic final flight of Lincoln RF531. Steven Taylor investigates

Preservation Super Drooper
The Duxford Aviation Society’s Concorde has emerged from a meticulous restoration and, as Steve Bridgewater reports, visitors are able to look down its nose once again!

Airline History Iranian Airbus
In fifteen years Iran Air succeeded in becoming the largest airline of the Middle East, but not without incident and controversy. Babak Taghvaee recounts the challenges faced by Iran Air’s stalwart fleet of Airbus A300s

Modern Military Persian Cats
Babak Taghvaee speaks to Iranian Grumman F-14 Tomcat pilots and provides a detailed look at the role the F-14 continues to play in the Iranian military

Military History Tomcat Triumph
Dr Dave Sloggett explores the history of the iconic Grumman F-14 Tomcat and shows how its use in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988 provided a test bed for the Cold War

2014 Index
All the highlights of the 2014 editions of Jets magazine in a neat pull-out index

Patience is a Virtue
Bob Grimstead reflects on a flying career that led him from BOAC’s Boeing 707- 436 to British Airways’ 747- 400 via Boeing’s 720B, 737, 747-100-200, 757 and 767, and on the 25 years it took him to become a captain

The latest in jet-related books and products put to the test

Technology CarterCopter
Is it really possible to create a turbine-powered rotorcraft capable of 500mph at 30,000ft? Steve Bridgewater speaks to Jay Carter about the remarkable CarterCopter programme

Modern Military Textron Scorpion
Richard Freail examines the low-cost Scorpion ISR/ Strike aircraft and looks back at an old stablemate – the Cessna A-37 Dragonfly

Letters to the Editor

Memory Lane
Jets is all about rekindling the memories of days gone by and we are always keen to hear from you and see the images filed away in your photo albums. This month Ray Deacon provides an eclectic mix of Day-glo schemes worn by Central Flying School aircraft between 1958 and 1961

Pioneers The People’s Fighter
At a time when Germany’s infrastructure was collapsing, Heinkel’s ability to take a drawing board design to front-line operations was remarkable.That this was the world’s first single-engined jet fighter is even more astounding. Pete London investigates how the He 162 became the ‘People’s Fighter’

Classics Compared Gannett vs Alizé
Lessons learned while fighting U-boats duringWorld War Two meant Anti-Submarine Warfare became a post-war priority. Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts two approaches to the challenge