Jets - November/December 2014

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Jet Noise
News from the jet World

From the Cockpit - Messerschmitt Me 262
Is it possible for a modern pilot to get an authentic experience of flying a Messerschmitt Me 262? Scott Germain takes to the skies in a replica of the Luftwaffe's superfighter to find out.

Classic Airline - British Midland
Fly from any of Britain's major regional airports to one of 21 others in Europe or across the UK and the chances are you'll travel in an Embraer jet. However, take a closer look as you board as might spot a familiar logo. Bruce Hales-Dutton examines British Midland

Military History - Generation 4.5 Jet Fighters
In the final part of his series examining the various generations of fighter aircraft, Dr Dave Sloggett looks behind the marketing facade and analyses what actually defines a 4.5 generation jet

Preservation - Sea Vixen Return Home
Richard Freail reports from Yeovilton, where the world's only airworthy de Havilland Sea Vixen has been gifted to the Fly Navy Heritage Trust.

Debut of the Dog Whistle Sixty years on from its maiden flight in October 1954, Robert F Dorr speaks to Bob Hagen, the man who first flew the ubiquitous Cessna T-37 'Tweet'

Anniversary - An Outstanding Cold War Warrior
Fifty years ago the SR-71 took off on its maiden flight, Richard Freail looks at the development of this extraordinary aircraft.

Anniversary - Centenary of Commercial Aviation
Looking back over the first one hundred years of airline flying, Paul Fiddian reviews the progress and changes that have taken place and offer thoughts on what the future may hold for the 21st century airline passenger

Testing Times
The latest products and books on review

The team travels to Bournemouth, Duxford, Eastbourne and Newcastle

Artwork Goodbye Timmy & Tommy
Aviation artist Tim O'Brien GAvA pays a special tribute to the recently retired RAF TriStar fleet

Airshow Legend - Clay Lacy
An airline pilot for 40 years, Clay lacy also excelled in the fields of air racing and aerial cinematography. Now in his 80s, he is still an avid and active aviator. Frank B Mormillo speaks to Clay about his many accomplishments and his amazing aerobatic Learjet display.

Classic Airliner - King of the Air
In 1964 Beechcraft launched an aircraft that would bridge the gap between piston and jet powered aircraft. Jamie Ewan reveals why the King Air is still a world beater and looks back at the type's history as it celebrates its Golden Anniversary

Classic Military - The Tradewind Story
Bruce Hales-Dutton reflects on the huge, turboprop powered Convair R3Y Tradewind flying boat

Modern Military - Old T-Birds never die...
If you needed proof that you can't keep a good aircraft down, just take a look at Iran's venerable T-33s. Having already been retired twice, now a T-Bird is about to soar into the blue Iranian skies once again! But this is no ordinary T-33, as Babak Taghvaee explains

Classics Compared - Guppy vs Beluga
When it comes to moving voluminous cargo, the choices are limited. Twenty years on from the maiden flight of the Airbus Beluga, Sebastian Morgan looks at the whale-like cargo aircraft and its Guppy forefathers