FlyPast - Aug 2019

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Pacific legend
‘Kiwi’ fighter pilot Guy Newton and his squadron of Curtiss Kittyhawks helped to break the Japanese stranglehold on the Solomon Islands, as Andrew Thomas explains.

Canadian Harvards
Linda Brimson shares the story of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, and its efforts to keep the classic trainer alive.

Great War maverick
Daredevil World War One ace Charles Nungesser was as unpredictable as he was brilliant. Kathleen Hanser details some of the Frenchman’s exploits.

Skytrain to Normandy
A full 75 years after its first visit, C-47 ‘Drag-’em-oot’ has once again dropped parachutists over northern France. Aero Legends boss Keith Perkins spoke to Steve Beebee about this storied wartime veteran.

Training day
Duxford-based Aircraft Restoration Company recently held a pilot training day. Jamie Ewan went behind the scenes.

In sharp focus
We drop in on one of ‘FlyPast’ lensman Darren Harbar’s aviation photography workshop days.

Wing to wing
Jamie Ewan was invited on board a Classic Wings’ Dragon Rapide for the firm’s debut fly-along experience with a pair of World War Two fighters.

‘L’il Bill’ flies again
Frank Mormillo profiles Planes of Fame’s North American Navion, and explains how a hard-working volunteer inspired its current livery.

FLYPAST SPOTLIGHT: Grumman Panther and Cougar

Day of the Panther
Warren E Thompson relates how the Grumman F9F Panther gained Korean War victories.

Cougar in profile
Andy Hay presents artwork depicting the Cougar F9F-8.

Swept-wing successor
Grumman’s F9F Cougar was a hasty but triumphant development of its straight-winged Panther, brought about largely by Korean War combat experience. Malcolm V Lowe tells its story.


Reports from the commemorative Daks Over Duxford event, and from RAF Cosford’s annual showcase.

From The Workshop – Retrotec
After the recent return to flight of Aero Vintage’s Great War-era de Havilland DH.9, we celebrate the many achievements of restoration experts Retrotec.

From The Workshop – Cosford
Nigel Price visits the RAF Museum where the Westland Lysander and HP Hampden projects are rapidly approaching completion.

Glory Days
Airspeed’s Ambassador was an elegant machine, but it was soon eclipsed by the Vickers Viscount. Ken Ellis presents rare images from the former’s twilight years.

Museums – CWHM
Bob Gordon reflects on the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s history and presents a story of triumph over the odds.

Airfields – Northamptonshire
Ken Ellis is in the driving seat as we take a tour of Northamptonshire’s aviation heritage sites.

Readers’ letters.

What’s New
The latest aviation-related products receive the ‘FlyPast’ verdict.

Skytrain ‘That’s All…Brother’.