FlyPast - May 2019

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Warren E Thompson chronicles the career of the Lockheed F-94 Starfire in the Korean War.

Ace of aces
Howard Cook concludes his previously unpublished interview with Luftwaffe legend Erich Hartmann, the top-scoring fighter pilot of all time.

Never forgotten
Paul Rowland tells the story of B-17G Mi Amigo and its crew, who were recently commemorated with a flypast over Sheffield.

Sea Vixen farewell
After retirement from the Royal Navy, new uses were found for the characterful Sea Vixen. Ken Ellis describes its last days in service.

Inshore sentinel
Paul Dubois details the role of the Piaggio P.166S Albatross in South African service.

Tiger Moth defenders
A wartime scheme to turn the Tiger Moth into an anti-invasion weapon is analysed by Ken Ellis.

Valiant returns
Frank B Mormillo discovers how an American family aircraft went ‘full circle’ and finally found its way home.


Aircraft representing the Great War starred at a weather-hit Wings Over Wairarapa airshow in New Zealand.

Women in aviation
In the first of a new series we reflect on the record-breaking achievements of French aviator Jacqueline Auriol.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork praises the remarkable courage of Norman Jackson, a Lancaster crew member who climbed onto a wing during flight to tackle a blaze.

What’s New
The latest aviation-related products receive the FlyPast verdict.

Museums – Chile
Marcelo Ribeiro visits the National Aeronautical and Space Museum of Chile.

From The Workshop
Thanks to James Atkinson, Britain’s population of airworthy Piston Provosts is about to expand. Darren Harbar reports.

Readers’ letters.

Story behind the scene
Charles McHugh relates the history and inspiration behind his superb Mosquito painting Let’s Get This Kite Airborne.

Boeing Stearman.

SPOTLIGHT: Polikarpov I-16

Red Star fighter
We explore the extensive use of the pugnacious I-16 in Soviet hands.

Polikarpov in profile
Andy Hay presents three-way artwork of an I-16 that flew with the Spanish Nationalists.

In Spanish skies
The role of the Polikarpov in the Spanish Civil War is explored by Malcolm V Lowe.

In Miniature
Chris Clifford details the kit options available to scale modellers.


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Die-cast models from Corgi’s superb Aviation Archive range.