FlyPast - March 2019

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Strike Wing
When the Luftwaffe tried to mount a final strike against Britain in April 1945, it got more than it bargained for, as Steven Taylor explains.

Nocturnal Dorniers
Dornier’s Do 17 was occasionally used as a night-fighter. Chris Goss reports on its short career as a so-called ‘screech owl’.

Typhoon ace
A memoir written by the RAF’s highest-scoring Hawker Typhoon ace, the late Wg Cdr Johnny Baldwin, is presented exclusively by his son James.

Dove from above
Jürgen Schelling enjoys a flight in a beautifully restored de Havilland DH.104 Dove.

Bristol Brigand
Arnold Greethurst tells Sean Feast of the perils of navigating the infamous Bristol Brigand through the valleys of Aden and Iraq.

Fork-Tailed Devil
A P-38 Lightning has been returned to flight in the US. Engineer Ashley Ezell discusses the project, while Kevin Grantham investigates its history.

Pilot profile - Neville Duke
Ken Ellis and Graham Pitchfork outline the extraordinary career of one of Britain’s greatest aviators.

The concept of piloting an aircraft from a prone position was ultimately rejected. Ken Ellis assesses Britain’s experimental test-beds.

Mastering the Harrier
Roy Gamblin recounts his time learning to fly the legendary Harrier jump jet with the RAF.

Starfighter lives on
Luigino Caliaro explores the roles of F-104s operated by civilian contractor Starfighters Aerospace.


An RAF Cosford-themed fine art print by Keith Burns.

FLYPAST SPOTLIGHT: Heinkel He 219 ‘Uhu’

Into the cauldron
The Heinkel He 219 was effective but short-lived, as Chris Goss explains.

He 219 in profile
Andy Hay presents artwork of a ‘Uhu’ flown by a night-fighter expert.

Mount of aces
Chris Goss profiles some of the He 219’s most successful exponents.

In Miniature
Chris Clifford details the kit options available to scale modellers.


What’s New
The latest aviation-related products receive the FlyPast verdict.

For Valour
Edwin Swales’ resolute sense of duty led to a posthumous award of the Victoria Cross, as Graham Pitchfork explains.

Story behind the scene
Artist Keith Burns reflects on the inspiration behind his Cosford-themed painting Trenchard Returns.

Readers’ letters.

Supermarine Spitfire PR.XI.