FlyPast - October 2018

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Frank B Mormillo profiles a P-47D Thunderbolt that’s flying in Californian skies after many years of restoration.

Listening in
In the first of a two-part series, Bill Cahill reveals the work of a World War Two USAAF unit that stalked Japanese radar sites.

RAF100 – Operation Big Ben
Craig Cabell explains how Supermarine Spitfires attempted to destroy V-2 launch sites.

Enemy torpedo
The challenges, struggles and demise of the German air-launched torpedo force is analysed by Luftwaffe historian Chris Goss.

Glorious Gustav
Björn Hellenius describes the stunning restoration of the Military Aviation Museum’s Messerschmitt Bf 109G-4.

Pacific Seafires
The role Supermarine Seafires played in countering Japanese kamikaze missions in the Far East is explained by Donald Nijboer.

Afloat with a Walrus
Brian Cleary details the exploits of Bill Crozer, a Supermarine Walrus pilot on board the ill-fated HMS Repulse.

African Junkers
Downed Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 52 transports provided rich pickings for the South African Air Force, as Steve McLean recounts.


Reports from the annual extravaganza at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, plus events closer to home.

From The Workshop – B-17
Jerry McLaughlin reflects on the restoration of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force’s B-17G City of Savannah.

Glory Days
Rarely seen images of captured Allied aircraft in Japanese hands.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork profiles Victoria Cross recipient Reginald Warneford who shot down a Zeppelin in the Great War.

Story Behind The Scene
Aviation artist John Wynne Hopkins outlines the inspiration for Jungle Extraction, Malaya, 1957, plus win a Fine Art Westland Whirlwind helicopter print by John Wynne Hopkins.

What’s New
The latest aviation-related books receive the FlyPast verdict.

Readers’ letters.

From The Workshop – Spitfire
Returning the Shuttleworth Collection’s Spitfire Mk.V to the air has been a lengthy process. Darren Harbar celebrates its triumphant conclusion.

Douglas C-47A Skytrain.

Flypast Spotlight: Gloster Meteor

Last of the breed - the F.8
Tom Spencer outlines the service of the ultimate Meteor day fighter, the widely-produced F.8 variant.

Meteor in profile
In the latest of his exclusive artwork profiles, Andy Hay profiles a jet that flew with the North Weald-based 111 Squadron.

Low-level recce
Andy Thomas looks at the role of the Meteor FR.9.

Malcolm Lowe discusses radar-equipped Meteor night fighters.

In Miniature
Chris Clifford details the kit options available to modellers.