FlyPast - August 2018

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Centenary Anson
An Avro XIX has been given a new identity to mark the RAF’s centenary. Words and images from Darren Harbar.

RAF 100 - Vampires
Sqn Ldr ‘Archie’ Kinch recalls how one pilot learned the hard way during training to fly Vampire jets in the 1950s.

RAF 100 - Hurricanes
Three Hurricanes of 615 Squadron were brought down in a matter of minutes on February 26, 1941. Tony Moor describes a dark day.

Eject! Eject!
Ken Ellis reflects on the extraordinary career of ‘Benny’ Lynch, the brave subject of Martin-Baker ejection seat tests.

Clash over the sea
Britain staged a disastrous three-month campaign in the Aegean Sea during 1943. Anthony Rogers describes the uneven struggle.

Legendary Spitfire
Old Flying Machine Company’s famous Spitfire Mk.IX is 75 years old this year. Ken Ellis tells its remarkable story.

Two-seater Spitfires
As more and more Spitfire two-seaters emerge from workshops, Daniel Ford details the original trainer versions.

Last of the breed
Tony Buttler examines the last Vickers fighter - the technically advanced, but flawed, Type 432.

Tupolev Tu-2
Its designer’s freedom depended on its success. Jason Moore chronicles Andrey Tupolev’s elegant bomber.

Fine Art Avro Lancaster print by Mark Postlethwaite.

FlyPast Spotlight: Short Sunderland

Men Behind the Machine
Sqn Ldr Alan Coles remembers his time in action with the Sunderland-equipped 88 Squadron.

Sunderland in profile
Andy Hay presents artwork of a Short Sunderland used to defend shipping in the waters off Scotland.

Bowing Out
The flying-boat served in a variety of roles, including during the post-war years. Its final days in service are examined by Ken Ellis.

In Miniature
In the first of a new series, Chris Clifford describes the Sunderland kit options for modellers.


Images and words from recent displays at Duxford and Old Warden.

Over the Trenches - Mons
Andrew Thomas presents the journal of an air mechanic who served in the Royal Flying Corps during World War One.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork recounts the courageous actions of Great War pilot Gilbert Insall.

From the Workshop
Hugh Trevor details the restoration of his Lightning F.2A cockpit – from ballistics target to museum piece.

What’s New
The latest books, DVDs and other aviation-related products receive the FlyPast verdict.

Museums - Philippines
Gerry Manning profiles a little-known Pacific gem, the Philippine Air Force Museum.

Glory Days
A portfolio of images showcasing post-war aviation in Canada.

Readers’ letters.

Story Behind the Scene
Aviation artist Mark Postlethwaite outlines the inspiration for The Last Flight of Dark Victor.

Pilot’s Perspective
Our resident warbird pilot Dave Unwin recalls a flight in a Miles Magister.

Beech 18.