FlyPast - March 2018

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Spitfires over Africa
The early activities of the Spitfire-equipped Rhodesian Air Force are detailed by Steve McLean.

North American dream
Larry Kelley talks to Nigel Price about his B-25 Mitchell, and tells of an exciting hands-on training programme for pilots.

Fledgling Eagles
Tom Docherty explains how the Luftwaffe managed to train a force of more than one million in the build-up to war.

Bush-plane adventures
Canadian airman George E Mayer flew bush-planes with the United Nations in the Middle East. Robert S Grant tells his story.

Celebrating the Yak
Will Greenwood’s Yakovlev Yak-3UA G-OLEG is an airshow favourite. Richard Paver goes air-to-air with this impressive fighter.

Vietnam War

Operation Linebacker
Warren E Thompson details the intensive USAF bombing campaigns of late 1972 against North Vietnam.

Killer of giants
North Vietnamese jet pilots developed tactics to engage American aircraft, with the ultimate aim of bringing down B-52 bombers. Roger Boniface describes the action.

Nocturnal Hercules
Bill Cahill talks to an AC-130E Spectre airman about the gunship’s unique contribution to the war.

RAF 100

Mid-air crisis
Pilot Roy Gamblin explains how he survived a major mechanical failure while flying a Folland Gnat trainer.

In Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a Gloster Meteor that ended its days as a target for ground fire.

Maltese war diary
Anthony Rogers recounts 185 Squadron’s wartime exploits defending Malta.

First ‘kill’
How a Bristol Blenheim opened 23 Squadron’s ‘account’ by shooting down a Heinkel He 111.


Museums - Doncaster
Tony Dixon visits the South Yorkshire Air Museum, a longstanding attraction that celebrates more than 100 years of aeronautical history.

Readers’ letters.

Glory Days – Heathrow
A portfolio of previously unseen early 1960s views of classic airliners at London Heathrow airport.

Australian Mustangs.

Your must-have 32-page guide to the UK’s aviation museums, featuring the latest information and exhibit listings.