FlyPast - February 2018

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Mitchells over the Pacific
Warren E Thompson recounts the exploits of the 345th Bomb Group, nicknamed the Air Apaches.

Attack of the Heinkels
Chris Goss reflects on the early years of Luftwaffe torpedo-bomber operations.

Infamous White Paper
Sixty years on, the Defence White Paper of 1957 can still evoke bitter recrimination. Andrew Brookes examines its intentions.

Portuguese Beaufighters
Filipe Silva tells how Portugal’s last two Beaufighters escaped the scrapman and returned to Britain.

Vulcan howls again
Avro Vulcan XL426 has completed a taxi run at its Southend base. Liam Shaw reports.

Speed Record
Stuart Grover and Bart Van Damme pay tribute to ‘Bill’ Barns, war hero and test pilot.

Bomber Command

Richard Stowers chronicles the exploits of New Zealand-born Short Stirling pilot, Fraser Barron.

Robert Owen describes a hastily arranged, but very successful, ‘flag-waving’ exercise for the Vulcans of 617 Squadron.

The story of a 106 Squadron Avro Lancaster crew is recounted by Steven Potter.

RAF 100

Inter War conflict
Air power over turbulent Iraq is not a new thing – Vic Flintham explains how it was conducted in the 1920s.

In Profile
Artist Andy Hay pays tribute to a Short Stirling crew who completed more than 30 ‘ops’.

Met Balloon ‘saga’
Gp Capt Dan Needham remembers a hilarious ‘wheeze’ involving unorthodox use of a meteorology balloon.


Glory Days – Venom
A portfolio of rarely seen images showing the de Havilland Venom NF.2s of 253 Squadron.

Pilot’s Perspective - Messerschmitt Bf 109E
The Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum operates one of the few airworthy ‘Emils’. ‘Cricket’ Renner reports on this significant warbird, with images by John Dibbs.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork reflects on the courage of Canadian Great War ace George Barker.

Museums – Laarbruch
The German attraction houses a treasure trove of RAF memorabilia. Sqn Ldr Rod Hawkins explores its history.

From The Workshop – Sturmovik
A collection of images illustrating the return to the skies of an Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik at Russian’s Vadim Zadorozhny Technical Museum.

Glory Days – Dragon Rapide
We present some archive images of the classic propliner in service.

Readers’ letters.

Avro Vulcan.