FlyPast - December 2017

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Your 2018 calendar – aircraft of the Yorkshire Air Museum.


Vietnam Phantoms
Bill Cahill profiles the vital work of photo-recce Phantoms in the dangerous skies of Vietnam.

Dropping the bomb
Simon Vaughan recalls an interview with Gp Capt Kenneth Hubbard, the man who dropped Britain’s first H-bomb.

Hurricane revival
Hawker Hurricane I P2902 recently flew again. Darren Harbar examines its history and captures air-to-air images.

Privateer in action
Steve Grivno concludes the story of Lady Luck II, a Consolidated Privateer with a charmed life.

Meteors over Korea
Owen Zupp pays tribute to his father, a veteran of 201 missions in Korea’s hostile skies.

Fokker S-11
Bob Fischer and Emiel Sloot profile a rare Dutch Fokker Instructor.

Fly Navy

We reflect on the history of Wes Stricker’s unique Supermarine Seafire Mk.XV, with air-to-air photography by Paul Bowen.

Former Blackburn Buccaneer pilot Tom Eeles recalls the hazards of landing the big jets on aircraft carriers.

Graham Pitchfork describes the intense efforts to neutralise the threat of the battleship Tirpitz in World War Two.

Flypast Spotlight: Hawker Siddeley Harrier

Origin and History
We recount the jet’s history.

Men Behind the Machine
Tony Buttler recounts how a private-venture research airframe became an exceptional warplane.

Harrier in Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a race-winning GR.1.

Harrier in Combat
Lt Cdr David ‘Mog’ Morgan reflects on his first brush with enemy aircraft during the Falklands conflict.


From The Workshop
Graham Buckle describes the care taken in moving Mosquito HJ711 from Yorkshire to a new home in Lincolnshire.

Glory Days
A portfolio of rarely seen images depicting the Junkers Ju 87 in action is presented by Chris Goss.

Readers’ letters.

The Way We Were
Andrew Thomas charts 404 Squadron (RCAF) and its transition from coastal strike to maritime patrol.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork considers the courageous actions of Great War pilot Frank McNamara.

Bristol Blenheim