FlyPast - October 2017

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Warriors of the sky
Tom Docherty talks to aircrew who flew the A-3 Skywarrior, one of the largest aircraft ever operated from a carrier.

Swedish Spitfires
Robin Lindholm describes Sweden’s use of the Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX.

Desert Buchón
Photographer Gavin Conroy goes air-to-air with Duxford’s recently repainted Hispano Buchón.

Corsair Tribute
Jim Tobul flies his Corsair in tribute to those who operated the type – and in remembrance of his father. He speaks to Nigel Price.

Canadian ‘Blenheim’
Tom Spencer details the service of the Bristol Bolingbroke with the RCAF.

Hawker’s P.1121 jet was a ‘super fighter’ that never flew. Tony Buttler recalls its troubled genesis.

Sub hunter
Sven van Roij profiles the world’s oldest airworthy Catalina, a wartime U-boat killer.

Bouncing bombs
Barnes Wallis Foundation trustee Iain Murray describes the recovery of Highball anti-shipping weapons from a Scottish loch.

A Victor’s life
The concluding part of Chris Gilson’s interview with Mike Beer, an Air Electronics Officer on Victors.


Anthony Rogers details the frantic battle for Malta in March and April 1942 as the Luftwaffe threw its full might at the defenders.

The gallant work of the RAF’s Hawker Hurricane night flight is explored by Andrew Thomas.

The Messerschmitt Bf 109s of 7/JG 26 provided fearsome opposition in Mediterranean skies. Chris Goss analyses the impact of the German unit.

Andrew Thomas recalls the bravery of an RAF Martin Maryland crew.

Flypast Spotlight: Supermarine Walrus

Origin and History
We recount the early history of Supermarine’s distinctive wartime amphibian.

Men Behind the Machine
The exploits of two brave and determined Supermarine Walrus airmen are outlined by Graham Pitchfork.

Walrus in Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a Supermarine Walrus that flew in the Battle of Cape Matapan.

The Walrus at war
Andrew Thomas describes how an aircraft that might have looked obsolete to some went on to prove its worth in combat on the high seas.


Reports and images from around the world.

From the Workshop
We visit a remarkable Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor restoration project in Germany.

Readers’ letters.

Glory Days
A gallery of rarely seen images illustrating a 1935 military exercise at Boscombe Down.

What’s New
The latest books, prints and aviation-related products receive the FlyPast verdict.