FlyPast - July 2017

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Buffalo soldiers
Peter London explains how the unfairly maligned Brewster Buffalo proved to be a formidable weapon in Finnish hands.

Hunting high and low
Two wars, stand-offs with the Soviets and a world altitude record: Warren E Thompson talked to Col Howard Johnson about these exploits.

Suez Canberras
Andrew Thomas describes the English Electric Canberra’s operational debut in the skies over Egypt.

Unbeatable Buccaneer
Graham Pitchfork recalls his days on 208 Squadron and how the Buccaneer-equipped unit became the spearhead of NATO’s northern flank.

End of the line
The final days of the Buccaneer are described with affection by Gp Capt Nigel Huckins.

Spitfire flight
A memorable flight in the rear cockpit of the Grace Spitfire from Sywell is recalled by Steve Beebee.

Special Duties
David Coxon and Hugh Trevor pay tribute to ‘Mac’ McCairns, whose medals are now treasured by the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.

Flypast Spotlight: Lavochkin La-5

Origin and History
We recount the Russian fighter’s history.

Lavochkin In Combat
Aleksander Medved explains how the Soviet Air Force developed a worthy adversary to the Luftwaffe’s Fw 190 and Bf 109.

La-5 in Profile
Andrey Yurgenson artwork of a Lavochkin La-5FN.

Men Behind the Machine
The spectacular career of Soviet fighter ace Nikolai Skomorokhov is assessed by Aleksander Medved.


Airfields – Cornwall
Ken Ellis journeys through Cornwall, highlighting the area’s extensive aviation heritage.

From The Workshop
Linnéa Holmberg Wensby describes the challenging project to salvage and preserve a Swedish Air Force C-47 shot down by a MiG over the Baltic.

Classic Fighters
Photographer Gavin Conroy captures a series of images from the spectacular Yealands Classic Fighters airshow, held in New Zealand during April.

Glory Days
A portfolio of images from 1956 showing aircraft and personnel from the Benson-based Ferry Wing.

Readers’ letters, and diary dates.

For Valour
Victoria Cross recipient Alan McLeod is profiled by Graham Pitchfork.

Hawker Sea Hurricane.