FlyPast - June 2017

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Struck by Lightning
The Planes of Fame Air Museum recently held a special event to celebrate its popular P-38 Lightning. Frank B Mormillo reports.

Warsaw Liberators
Steve Maclean describes how Liberator crews supplied beleaguered Polish partisans amid a vicious German backlash.

Millionaire’s Squadron
Tom Moulson, 601 Squadron’s first National Service pilot, reflects on life flying jets with North Weald’s ‘Weekend Warriors’.

MiG over Norway
Richard Paver profiles the Norwegian Air Force Historic Squadron’s MiG-15.

Happy Hunting
Tom Eeles remembers his time flying Hawker Hunters with the Tactical Weapons Unit.

Maple Leaf Giant
The huge, four-engined Canadair CP-107 Argus served its nation well. Robert S Grant praises Canada’s sub-hunter.

Spitfire Finale
The last Spitfire victories of World War Two were made over Borneo shortly before VJ Day, as Andrew Thomas relates.

African Assignment
Andrew Thomas details the work of a small RAF detachment supporting a West African referendum in 1961.

Battle of Midway

A series of features reflecting on the most important naval battle of World War Two’s Pacific campaign – and an exclusive look at a restored Grumman Avenger.

Valour in the Pacific
Jonathan Parshall describes how the US Navy and its aviators turned the tide of war during the Battle of Midway.

Dauntless and unbowed
Moose Peterson examines the important role played by the Douglas Dauntless, and details the example now flown by the CAF’s Dixie Wing.

Unequal struggle
A costly setback for Brewster Buffalo-equipped US Marine Corps unit VMF-221 is analysed by Andrew Thomas.

Avenging angel
With exclusive air-to-air photography by John Dibbs, Lt Col Robert ‘Cricket’ Renner profiles a Grumman Avenger that has been restored to fly in the US.


Nigel Price reports from the annual Sun ’n Fun aviation extravaganza in Lakeland, Florida.

Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

What’s New
The latest books, models and aviation merchandise receive the FlyPast verdict.

Glory Days
A compilation of rarely seen images showing Lockheed’s P-38 Lightning in post-war service.

From The Workshop
The transformation of potentially airworthy Avro Lancaster B.VII Just Jane at East Kirkby is described by Darren Harbar.

Sabre and MiG.

Flypast Spotlight: Douglas B-66 Destroyer

Origin and History
We recount the Cold War jet’s history.

Destroyer In Combat
Bill Cahill investigates the use of the EB-66 in the electronic reconnaissance role, when Destroyer crews played cat and mouse with North Vietnamese missiles.

RB-66B in Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a Douglas RB-66B that was based in the UK during the 1960s.