FlyPast - November 2016

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Shooting Stars
Lockheed Shooting Stars were the first USAF jets over Korea. Warren E Thompson describes the F-80’s combat debut.

Tigercat in profile
Photographer John Dibbs goes air-to-air with the Historic Flight Foundation’s Grumman Tigercat, while Lt Robert ‘Cricket’ Renner describes this powerful machine.

Lerwick remembered
Peter London tells the story of the last Saunders-Roe flying-boat to achieve series production.

Blue-nosed Mustang
An icon of US aviation has joined the fleet at Goodwood. Steve Beebee paid a visit to the famous aerodrome.

We salute Britain’s legendary trio of V-Bombers – the Avro Vulcan, the Handley Page Victor and the Vickers Valiant – and the men who flew them

A plan was hatched to equip V-bombers with the Skybolt ballistic missile. Chris Gibson describes a deterrent that never came to fruition.

A record-breaking flight by a Vulcan turned into tragedy when a landing went wrong. Andrew Brookes explains.

The Valiant, Victor and Vulcan are well known. Tony Buttler remembers the Sperrin and the Valiant ‘pathfinder’.

Sqn Ldr Bob Tuxford remembers his time with 214 Squadron flying Victor K.1s.

A look at the work being undertaken on the nose section of Valiant XD816 at Brooklands Museum.

Spotlight Yakovlev Yak-9
This month, Spotlight focuses on a widely produced Russian fighter that played a key role in World War Two. While the Yak-9 may lack the fame of the Spit¬ re and Mustang, it was an essential weapon in the Soviet arsenal, and continued to operate post-war with the North Korean Air Force. With exclusive artwork and rarely seen images, we scrutinize one of World War Two’s most potent single engined ¬fighters.


Visits to a spectacular warbird display in the US, and highlights from the UK calendar.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

What’s New
The latest aviation-related books and DVDs receive the FlyPast verdict.

Glory Days
Rarely seen images from Sicily in 1943 from the album of the USAAF’s Maj Gerard Hallock.

From The Workshop
Paul Middleton details the latest work from master Hurricane engineers Hawker Restorations.

Manufacturers – Bristol
In our series on the post-war British aircraft industry, Ken Ellis describes the twilight years of Bristol.

Sepecat Jaguar.