FlyPast - September 2016

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Vultee Vengeance
While senior commanders may not have rated the Vengeance, its crews turned it into a potent weapon, as Sean Feast relates.

Day of the Buccaneer
Tom Eeles describes an eventful time flying Buccaneers with the Royal Navy.

Eyes of the Fleet
Chris Goss reveals the incredible wartime career of a German floatplane that had a reputation as a flying-boat killer.

Auster reborn
Peter Gill explains how he brought a veteran aircraft of the Malaysian campaign back to life.

We celebrate one of the greatest fighters in US military history – the legendary North American P-51 Mustang.

Flying the ‘Slybird’
Jim Busha tells the story of a pilot and his fighter.

Flight test
Dave Unwin highlights the differences between the P-51C and the more famous D-model.

From first to last
Artist Ted Williams presents a series of side views.

Korean Mustangs
Colour images showing the fighter in service during the Korean War.

Stallion 51
In Florida, it’s possible to fly as a passenger in a Mustang with operator Stallion 51.

Red Tail Mustang
The Hangar 11 Collection’s P-51D.

FlyPast Spotlight: Fairey Firefly

Origin and History
We describe the naval aircraft’s history.

Men Behind the Firefly
Andy Thomas profiles some of the aircrew who helped to make the Firefly a potent naval fighter.

Firefly in Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a Firefly F.I.

In Combat
From 1946 the Netherlands took Indies.

Maple Leaf Fireflies
Bill Cumming describes the type’s operations in Canada.

From the Archive
A selection of rarely seen images of the Firefly in service.


Visits to Duxford’s Flying Legends airshow, along with Cosford and other UK highlights.

Glory Days
Rarely seen images of Avro Lancasters flying from Stradishall after World War Two.

Gems at Gatow
In part two of his feature, Chris Gilson pays a visit to Germany’s Luftwaffe museum in Gatow where a number of exciting restoration projects are under way.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork profiles Great War VC recipient Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock.

What’s New
The latest books, prints, models and other aviation-related items receive the FlyPast verdict.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

From The Workshop
Ken Ellis reports on a unique project in Norfolk which is hoping to return a Percival Q6 to British skies.

Hispano Buchón.