FlyPast - October 2015

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Luftwaffe Night Raiders
Bill Norman traces the aftermath of a raid on Hull and a tragedy that has turned into remembrance.

Pacific Skytrain
B-58 Hustler navigator Frank Vander Wert describes how he helped return a C-47 Skytrain from the Philippines to the US.

Tangmere Hurricanes
David Coxon and Hugh Trevor profile one of The Few, Sgt Dennis Noble, and a Hurricane exhibit at Tangmere.

Duxford’s Few
As Duxford prepares for its Battle of Britain Air Show, we look back at the airfield’s role in 1940.

Twin Mustangs
Warren E Thompson reflects on the Twin Mustang’s moment of glory in the Korean War.

Thanks to the dedication of passionate supporters all over the world, numerous historic aircraft are maintained in flying condition. In this special section, we profile just a few of these magnificent examples of living history.

FlyPast Spotlight: Blackburn/HS Buccaneer
This month Spotlight shines on the bulbous lines of the Blackburn/HS Buccaneer, a versatile and long-lived jet that served both the Royal Navy and the RAF. After some initial problems, the Buccaneer proved a reliable stalwart that served for more than three decades and was even ¬ own on ‘ops’ in the first Gulf War. With exclusive artwork and archive images, we examine the history of this famous and robust machine.


Glory Days
Robin Brooks presents a portfolio of 500 ‘County of Kent’ Squadron’s wartime exploits.

From The Workshop
IWM Duxford has repainted its North American B-25 Mitchell. Nigel Price reports.

Reviews and images from major events at home and overseas.

Museum – France
Luigi Vallero visits a collection dedicated to French aviation at Toulouse.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

Flying Colours
Artist Pete West presents profiles of seven Bristol Blenheims used by overseas air arms.

Canadian Avro Lancaster.