FlyPast - October 2014

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Beaufort in Action
Andrew Thomas describes how Bristol Beaufort operations spanned the globe from Norway to New Guinea in World War Two.

Lancaster Arrival
Steve Beebee was at Coningsby to witness the arrival of the Canadian Warplane
Heritage Museum’s Avro Lancaster.

Shuttleworth Warbird
New research has revealed that Old Warden’s SE.5a saw action in the final hours of World War One.

Duxford’s Great War years
We outline the famous airfield’s role during World War One.

Lightning Day
Richard Clarke attended an event at Bruntingthorpe to mark the English Electric Lightning’s 60th.

Pilot, Politician and Peer
Lord Norman Tebbit recounts his military flying background to Norman Wells.

Mustang Alive
Jim Busha talks to 1st Lt Alden Rigby about his time serving with one of the USAAF’s great fighter pilots.

Dixie Wing Warriors
Moose Peterson profiles the aircraft of the CAF Dixie Wing as they recreate the Battle of Okinawa.

Hurricane Special

We commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Hawker Hurricane’s first airborne victory with a special section dedicated to the British fighter.

Hurricanes over Norway
Tom Spencer relates how 46 Squadron fought against the odds and fell victim to tragedy.

Flying Colours
Pete West artwork of Hurricanes in service with various overseas air arms.

Red Sea Guardians
The history of a Hurricane unit defending the port of Aden is described by Andrew Thomas.

Glory Days
A portfolio of images showing Hurricanes in service with 3 Squadron.

New Warbird
After many years of restoration, a Hurricane is now flying in Finnish colours.

Spotlight - Junkers Ju 88

Origin and History
We scrutinize the type’s history.

Ju 88 in Profile
Pete West artwork of a Junkers that flew in the Battle of Britain.

Men Behind the Ju 88
Chris Goss describes the exploits of three masters of the Junkers twin.

Inside the Ju 88
Cutaway artwork of a Ju 88G-1.

In Combat
Clashes between reconnaissance Junkers and intercepting Spitfires are investigated by Chris Goss.

‘Schnellbomber’ survivors.


Reports and images from recent events, including a trip to New York’s Geneseo Airshow.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

Avro Lancaster at Coningsby.