FlyPast - July 2014

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Liberator Crossing
Bert Ross talks to Ken Ellis about his experiences of flying B-24 Liberators across the Atlantic during World War Two.

Canberra Launch
Air-to-air photography of Midair Squadron’s newly flown English Electric Canberra PR.9 XH134, with words by Ben Dunnell.

Aces High
Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson chats to Steve Beebee about his new aeronautical passion – flying a Fokker Dr.I with the Great War Display Team.

Yellow Bobcat
Moose Peterson profiles an airworthy Cessna T.50, the so-called ‘Bamboo Bomber’.

French Workhorse
The history of a UK-based Max Holste Broussard is detailed by Geoff Jones.

Mighty Peacemaker
Warren E Thompson recalls how the Convair B-36 Peacemaker was deployed to the UK during the Cold War.

World War One
A special section to mark the centenary of the outbreak of war in 1914.

Early Air Power
How the concept of military aviation arose and developed during the four years of war.
Great War Fighters
Profiles of six key Allied and German fighters, with artwork by Pete West.

Flying the ‘Brisfit’
Shuttleworth Collection pilot Peter Holloway describes his introduction to the Bristol F.2b.

Great War Bombers
Pete West artwork and profiles of six significant Allied and German bombers.

Knight of the Air
Norman Franks details the combat career of Max Mulzer – a Bavarian fighter ace.

Airco Airborne
Darren Harbar goes air-to-air with a flying reproduction of an Airco DH.2.

Spotlight English Electric Lightning

Origin and History
We examine the famous jet’s history.

Contemporaries Compared
The Lightning is compared to two other supersonic jets.

Lightning Man
Mike Hardman talks to Hugh Trevor about his time with English Electric.

Lightning in Profile
Pete West artwork of an F.53 that flew with the Royal Saudi Air Force.

In Combat
Ian Black reflects on a Lightning sortie from Binbrook that ended in tragedy.

The RAF Museum’s Lightning is profiled.


FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

From The Workshop - Duxford Spit¬ res
Steve Beebee describes how Historic Flying Ltd returned two Spitfire Mk.Is to flight, with exclusive images from John Dibbs.

Visits to airshows in New Zealand and the US, and a list of forthcoming UK shows.

What’s New
The latest books and aviation-related products receive the FlyPast verdict.

From The Workshop
Nigel Price takes a look at work being carried out on the Fighter Collection’s Mustang at Duxford.

Sopwith Pup.