FlyPast - April 2014

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Month-by-month rundown of events and shows around the world. Includes moneysaving
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Great Escape
Erik Mannings profiles former Spitfire pilot Albert Hake who became one of the heroes of the Great Escape.

Dauntless Day
Frank B Mormillo joined veteran Sidney Zimman at a special event highlighting Chino’s airworthy Douglas Dauntless.

American Hustle
The spectacular but brief career of the Convair B-58 Hustler is described by Warren E Thompson.

Tigers in the Sky
Moose Peterson catches up with a pair of warbirds that fly in remembrance of the Battle of the Aleutians.

Alizé Alive
Andy Marden charts surviving Breguet Alizés, including France’s latest warbird.

Flying Fortress Tour
The discovery of B-17 debris in Norfolk marshland led Ian McLachlan to uncover a story of an airman’s heroism.

Spotlight - Sopwith Camel

Origin and History
We scrutinize the type’s history.

Contemporaries compared
The Camel is compared to two other World War One fighters.

Men Behind the Camel
Tom Spencer profiles some of the pilots who came to prominence flying the biplane.

Camel in Profile
Pete West artwork of the Sopwith flown by a Canadian ace.

In Combat
Andrew Thomas examines the operational record of Sopwith’s most famous fighter.

How Camel pilot Capt John Trollope achieved the feat of shooting down six aircraft in one day.


RAF Museum
Ben Dunnell talks to the RAFM boss Peter Dye about the forthcoming Great War anniversary, projects and plans.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

Mustang Man
Kendall ‘Wags’ Wagner, owner of P-51D ‘Lady Alice’, is profiled by Frank B Mormillo.

For Valour
Graham Pitchfork recalls the courageous career of Wg Cdr John Nicolson.

Visits to warbird shows in California and New Zealand.

Manufacturers – Saunders-Roe
Ken Ellis looks back at the history a British company mostly remembered for its flying-boats.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero.