FlyPast - March 2014

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Hurricane Hero
Barry Marsden pays tribute to the valiant combat career of Frank Walker- Smith.

Memorial Flight
Sqn Ldr Dunc Mason flies the BBMF’s newly painted Spitfire, and talks to Steve Beebee about plans for 2014.

Italian Stallion
Luigino Caliari describes a magnificently restored Aermacchi MB326 jet.

War and Peace
Bomber Command veteran John King talks to Steve Bond about his time flying with Halifax units.

We present a series of articles and images re¬flecting on the men and machines who flew in the ‘Cold War’, and profile an historic jet that still flies today.

Eye in the sky
Peter Thompson explains why the PR.9 was the best of the photo-recce Canberras.

‘Farmer’ flight
Test pilot Valery Migunov recalls how he helped to develop the Mig-19 drone.

Cold War crew
Phil Isaac talks about his time looking after the weaponry of RAF warplanes.

Day of the Stratojet
Warren Thompson describes SAC’s use of the B-47 Stratojet from bases in the UK.

Glory Days
Sqn Ldr Andrew Thomas presents a portfolio of images showing interceptions of long-ranging Soviet aircraft off Norway.

Sabre survivor
We go air-to-air with Temora Aviation Museum’s superb CAC-built Sabre in Australia.

Struck by Lightning
Former RAF pilot Ian Black reflects on flying the ‘Ferrari of fighters’ – the English Electric Lightning.

Spotlight  Fairey Battle

Origin and History
We examine the type’s development.

Inside the Battle
Cutaway artwork of the Fairey machine.

Men Behind the Battle
Andrew Thomas profiles some of the brave men who flew the Battle.

Fairey Battle in Profile
Pete West artwork of a training variant.

In Combat
Pat Otter describes the type’s calamitous debut in France.

Surviving examples around the world.


Museum - Iran
Babak Taghvaee visits the nation’s air force museum and details its turbulent past.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters, and dates for your diary.

From The Workshop
Col Pope outlines the return to flight of Supermarine Spitfire FR.XVIIIe SM845 at Duxford.

Airfields - Gloucestershire
Ken Ellis motors through gorgeous countryside visiting airfields large and small.

The BBMF’s Lancaster and Dakota in action at the annual Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association members’ day.