FlyPast - January 2014

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Soviet Ice Warrior
Mark Sheppard describes the last combat of an Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik deep inside the Arctic Circle.

Kiwi Venom
New Zealander John Luff talks to Gavin Conroy about his privately owned de Havilland Venom.

Avenging Angel
We go air-to-air with a New Zealand based Grumman Avenger.

Sea Vixen Birthday
One of Britain’s best-loved jet warbirds recently celebrated its half-century. Matthew Willis tells its story.

Concorde Memories
We mark the 10th anniversary of the supersonic airliner’s retirement with some stunning images from Adrian Meredith.

Return of the Skyhawk
Luigino Caliaro describes the Warbird Heritage Foundation’s immaculate Douglas Skyhawk.

Bomber Tour
The concluding instalment of a feature charting one man’s road to courageous ‘ops’ with Bomber Command.

Battle of Berlin
Marking the 70th anniversary of bomber command’s high-risk attacks on the German capital, we present a special series of articles and images recalling the courage of the men involved.

The tactics and strategies behind the 1943-44 campaign.

A look at some of the key aircraft types used by both sides.

Sqn Ldr Andrew Thomas recounts the gruelling experiences of 207 Squadron over Berlin.

Tom Spencer describes how No.8 Group Mosquitos were repeatedly used to strike Hitler’s capital and sap enemy morale.

A John Dibbs study of the BBMF’s Avro Lancaster, flown as a tribute to all those who served with Bomber Command.

Spotlight North American F-100

Origin and History
We trace the history of the supersonic jet.

Contemporaries compared
We compare the Super Sabre to two other ‘Cold War’ jets.

Men Behind the F-100
Warren E Thompson speaks to F-100 pilots about their time with the first ‘Century’ Fighter.

F-100 in Pro¬file
Pete West artwork of a USAF Thunderbirds Super Sabre.

In Combat
Lt Col Everett T Raspberry talks to James P Busha about a training mission that went wrong.

Some rarely-seen images from the archive.


Airfields – Defford
Robin J Brooks outlines RAF Defford’s role in the development of airborne radar.

Artist – Paul Pennell
A look at the aviation-themed craft of metalwork artist Paul Pennell.

Glory Days
A portfolio of images showing 14 Squadron aircraft from the 1920s to World War Two.

Visits to epic warbird shows in Texas and Australia.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters and dates for your diary.

Supermarine Spitfire XVI.