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Jets of World War Two 

We mark the 70th anniversary of the first jet-engined military aircraft taking flight, with a special section looking at these pioneering machines, and the men behind their development. 


Toppling ‘Doodlebugs’  

Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork charts the RAF’s first Gloster Meteor ‘ops’. 


Swept-Wing Future 

Chris Goss presents a portfolio featuring the Luftwaffe’s most famous jet fighter of World War Two – the Me 262.  


‘People’s Fighter’ 

Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown was one of very few Allied pilots to fly Heinkel’s jet interceptor; the He 162. He describes his experiences. 


Dark Horse 

Germany’s twin-jet Arado Ar 234 in profile. 


Pushing Boundaries 

America caught up quickly in the ‘jet race’, producing an array of designs. Warren Thompson describes the successes – and the failures. 


Sting in the tail 

The USSR lagged behind the UK, Germany and the USA in the race for jet-powered aircraft. Nikolay Yakubovich looks at two of the nation’s early efforts.  



A tribute to the UK’s jet founding father, Sir Frank Whittle. 




Not Much of a ‘Rest’ 

A spell as a flight instructor was considered to be a rest tour during World War Two, but it was highly dangerous work. Tom Docherty talks to a group of pilots about their experiences. 


Russian Radials 

Richard Paver profiles a smart pair of UK-based Yak C-11 warbirds. 


Return of the Eagles  

Details of a new UK display team are revealed by the team’s operations manager, Rachel Morris.  


Alone, Unarmed and Unafraid 

Former RAF Group Captain and one-time RF-101 pilot Nigel Walpole examines the dangerous work of Voodoo recce pilots in Southeast Asia. 


FlyPast Spotlight - Messerschmitt Bf 109


Origin and History 

Germany’s most numerous World War Two fighter, the Bf 109 was a fearsome adversary. We look at its history. 


Men Behind the Bf 109 

Chris Goss describes the service careers of three 4/JG 2 Messerschmitt pilots, all of whom survived the war. 


Contemporaries Compared 

We compare the Bf 109 to two of its closes rivals – the Spitfire and the Mustang. 


Messerschmitt in profile 

Three-view artwork of Oblt Ulrich Steinhilper’s Bf 109E by Pete West. 


In Combat 

Wilhelm Balthasar was one of the highest scoring ‘aces’ of the war’s early years, but has largely been forgotten. Chris Goss tells of the airman’s combat career. 



Snapshots of the Bf 109 in service.  



From the Workshop 

Tony Edlin describes the work of Indestructible Paint Ltd, a company with a passion for helping restoration projects. 


Pilot’s Perspective 

Well-known display pilot John Beattie talks about flying the jewel in Kennet Aviation’s crown – the Seafire XVII. 


Glory Days 

Evocative images of the US Army Air Force at Duxford in World War Two from the Imperial War Museum archives. 


Museums - Oregon 

Rick Brown presents a driving tour of selected aviation museums in an American state rich in heritage. 


Story Behind the Painting 

Graham Henderson kicks off a new series on aviation art by talking about his new P-38 Lightning print. 


FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board 

Readers’ letters, airshow dates, and dates for your diary.  



Air-to-air with the Collings Foundation's Messerschmitt Me 262B-1C. 




B-17 Fortress on the move 

Good news for Dumfries museum 

Biggin Hill Spitfires 

Catalina to leave UK 

P-51C Duxford-bound 

Hellcat back in the air