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FREE Double-sided Dambusters Poster
Mark the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters raid with this high-quality, double-sided poster.

Swiss Vampire

Surgeon Eric Chardonnens flies a former Swiss Air Force DH Vampire in his spare time. Stefan Degraff and Ewin Borremans report.


Flying Fortress escape

The remarkable story of B-17 airman Melvin H Curry’s escape from occupied Europe is told by Ian McLachlan.


Civilian Stirlings

Andrew Thomas looks at the use of the mighty Short Stirling in civilian guise.


Dauntless and Helldiver

Luigino Caliaro talks to ‘Dusty’ Kleiss, a dive-bomber pilot at the decisive Battle of Midway.


Shuttleworth’s New Boss

Ben Dunnell meets Sir John Allison, the new chief pilot at Old Warden.


Clues in the Clouds

Peter Kirk remembers a high-ground crash site recovery from the 1970s and the story it revealed.



Historic Duxford exhibition

Spitfire on show in Kuwait

Andover to Africa

Great War bomber reproduction

Shackleton to fly

Kemble Canberra


FlyPast Spotlight

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom


Origin and History

A look at the history of the Mach 2 fighter.


Contemporaries Compared

We compare the Phantom to two other jets of the era.


Men Behind the Phantom

Warren E Thompson looks at marine and navy crews who flew the Phantom over South East Asia.


Inside the Phantom

Cutaway artwork of an F-4.


Phantom in Profile

Pete West artwork of a record-breaking Royal Navy Phantom.


In Combat

Lt Col Everett T ‘Razz’ Raspberry talks to James P Busha about flying the F-4 into combat.



A look at some Phantom survivors.




The Way We Were

Andrew Thomas looks at the history of 617 Squadron, the RAF unit made legendary by the Dambusters raid.


FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board

Readers letters, dates for your diary and a chance to win a signed Philip West Dambusters print!


From The Workshop

Eric Dumigan reports from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, home of an airworthy Avro Lancaster.



Ben Dunnell pays a visit to the impressive Brussels Air Museum.


Glory Days

Archive images of a Supermarine Spitfire IX visiting Kuwait in 1944.