FlyPast - March 2013

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Battle of the Ruhr
We commemorate the 70th anniversary of Bomber Command’s spring campaign to destroy the Nazi’s industrial heartland

Setting the scene – history of the battle
Hitting the target – Oboe and the Mosquito
Halifax at war – 51 Squadron
All the way on Lancs – 115 Squadron
Wellington – not found wanting
Stirlings – pressing on with 90 Squadron
Dedication to Bomber Command


A Mustang called ‘Spam Can’
Frank Mormillo looks at the history of the Planes of Fame’s famous P-51.

Spitfire revival
Engineers at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight have restored a rare mark of Spitfire to airworthy status. Paul Eden charts the airframe’s history and tells of its rebuild.

Life on the line
Dave Branchett reveals what life was like keeping the troublesome Lightning jet serviceable in West Germany.

Righting wrongs
Christopher Reilley sets straight the story of his father – a Canadian member of the ‘Few’.

Upwards trajectory
Matt Willis went to Yeovilton to find out about the Royal Navy Historic Flight’s plans for the new season, and beyond.

Lancaster to fly
Avro Lancaster ‘Just Jane’ is now being restored to fly at its Lincolnshire base. Steve Beebee talked to the team behind the project.


Spitfire’s first flight
Duxford arrivals
Argosy scrapping
Hurricane takes shape
Fw 190 for Collings Foundation
Classic Air Force arrives at Newquay

FlyPast Spotlight - Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’

Origin and History
A look at the ‘Cold War’ icon’s history.

Men Behind the Blackbird
Four people at the sharp end of SR-71 operations tell their stories to Ben Dunnell.

Blackbird in Profile
Pete West artwork of a Vietnam veteran SR-71.

Inside the SR-71
Cutaway artwork of a famous spy-plane.

In Combat
Warren Thompson describes an incredible long-range USAF Blackbird mission during the Yom Kippur War.

A portfolio of SR-71 images.


The Way We Were
The history and heritage of the RAF’s 208 Squadron is examined by Andy Thomas.

Museums - Maidenhead Heritage Centre
Steve Beebee looks at a very special exhibition dedicated to the brave men and woman of the Air Transport Auxiliary.

Glory Days
Rare images from Mike Moloney of the South African Air Force during World War Two.

What’s New?
The latest aviation books and products are given a test flight.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters, plus more dates for your diary.

From The Workshop
Ken Ellis takes a tour around an exciting Douglas Havoc cockpit restoration project.

A warbird heritage flight in action.