FlyPast - January 2013

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Brothers In Arms

Avro Lancaster wireless operator John Elliott shares dramatic memories with Steve Bond.


Lone Star Phantoms

Coert van Breda takes a look at preserved F-4 Phantoms in Texas.


Spitfire to Malta

The Old Flying Machine Company’s Spitfire recently flew to Malta for the International Airshow. Pilot Paul Bonhomme reflects on an epic journey.


USAAF Nose Art

Gail Downey reveals the wartime nose art created by Don Allen.


Return of the Warhawk

Michael O’Leary describes how The Fighter Collection and California Aerofab collaborated to restore a significant group of Curtiss fighters.




A special 22-page section paying tribute to the men and machines of RAF Fighter Command.


A Command Performance

World War Two could not have been won without Fighter Command. We look at its history.


Battle of Britain

Dr Trevor Sanderson explains how RAF fighters were brought to the right area of airspace to intercept the Luftwaffe in 1940.


Three Against One

Bill Norman describes how radar, the Observer Corps and Spitfires combined to carry out a textbook interception.


Weapons of War

Pete West artwork of seven key aircraft types that flew with Fighter Command.


Night of the Blenheim

Andrew Thomas describes the part played by Blenheims in the first operational use of radar, enabling them to operate at night.



BBMF Spitfire flies

IWM London exhibits at Duxford

Messerschmitt will fly again

Harrier and Tornado restorations

Viscount for German museum

Hellcat to fly in US


FlyPast Spotlight

English Electric Canberra


Origin and History

A look at the history of the British jet bomber.


Contemporaries Compared

We compare the Canberra to two similar aircraft of the era.


Men Behind the Canberra

Peter Green looks at some of the key players involved in the jet’s design.


Canberra in Profile

Pete West artwork of a Canberra that served with the Argentine Air Force during the Falklands conflict.


Inside the Canberra

Cutaway artwork of a Canberra B.2.


In Service

Jim Grant describes an air race from London to Christchurch between Canberras of the RAF and RAAF.



We look at the English Electric jet’s many overseas operators.




Roundels File

David Howley describes the famous insignia of the Swiss Air Force.


What’s New

The latest books, prints and other aviation related goods receive the FlyPast verdict.



A trip to the CAF AIRSHO at Midland, Texas, and reports from Old Warden and Duxford.


Airfields – Germany

Barry Wheeler hits the road to find out what remains of wartime airfields east of Berlin.


FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board

Readers’ letters plus more dates for your diary.


Glory Days

We look at the USAF’s ‘Cold War’ heavy bombers.



Great War replicas flying in New Zealand.