FlyPast - September 2012

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Fighter Aces of World War Two Supplement 

Captain George G Loving

Mustang ace over Italy - USAAF 


Flight Lieutenant Jack Storey 

A Hurricane expert in India - RAF 


Captain Yasuhiko Kuroe 

Master of the ‘Demon’ - Japan 


Hptm Hans Mayer 

A Bf 109 ace in two wars - Luftwaffe 


Captain Boris Safonov 

Hero of the Northern Fleet - USSR 




To Alaska in a ‘Zero’ 

Michael O’Leary talks to the pilot who flew a Mitsubishi ‘Zero’ warbird up the west coast of the US. 


Agile Mustang 

Ace photographer John Dibbs profiles North American P-51D Mustang Fragile But Agile. 


Hurricane Ace  

Barry Marsden concludes his look at the spectacular wartime career of 1 Squadron’s Arthur Clowes. 


Spotlight on North American F-86 Sabre 


Origin and History 

A look back at the history of the famous swept-wing jet. 


Contemporaries Compared  

We compare the Sabre to two of its closest rivals. 


Men Behind the Sabre 

Warren E Thompson interviews a few of the men who flew the F-86 operationally. 


Sabre in Profile 

Pete West artwork of a Canadian-built Sabre that ended up in RAF service. 



Nick Stroud relates the short and ultimately tragic career of the two-seat TF-86F. 




The F-86 Sabre caught on camera. 

and much more!