FlyPast - August 2012x

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FREE Giant Poster Vulcan XH558 and Duxford P-47 Thunderbolt


Hurricane Ace
Barry M Marsden details the spectacular career of 1 Squadron’s Arthur Clowes.

Silver Stallions
Florida-based Stallion 51 has been flying Mustangs for 25 years. Kathryn ‘KT’ Budde-Jones reports.

Hunter Salute
Richard Paver catches up with Hawker Hunter G-FFOX in its new ‘royal’ markings.

David Leininger goes air-to-air with the Collings Foundation’s recently overhauled Messerschmitt Me 262 replica.

Vulcan Spirit
The team behind Avro Vulcan XH558 is still flying the flag after a devastating technical setback – as Steve Beebee found out.

Duxford Thunderbolt
Rachel Morris looks at the history of The Fighter Collection’s P-47G Thunderbolt, and tells of its recent rebuild.

Foes Reconciled
A meeting at a reunion enabled Bill Norman to bring two former adversaries together.

Lighting Emergency
Air Cdre Terry Carlton tells Hugh Trevor about his quick exit from an EE Lightning T.4.


For Valour
Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork outlines the career of Victoria Cross recipient Roderick Learoyd.

A look back at Duxford’s first show of the year, plus visits to La Ferté-Alais and Stow Maries.

Museums - Burtonwood
Memories of Burtonwood’s US air base are being kept alive at a new heritage centre, as Ken Ellis discovers.

What’s New
The latest books, gifts and aviation-themed merchandise receive the ‘FlyPast’ verdict.

FlyPost and ‘Ops’ Board
Readers’ letters, plus more dates for your diary.


Anson restoration project

Australian Canberra progress

York Lightning’s new look

Junkers Ju 52’s Atlantic crossing

Heinkel He 115 raised from fjord

New Meteor at Bruntingthorpe

FlyPast Spotlight - Focke-Wulf Fw 190

Origin and History
A look back at the history of the legendary German fighter.

Contemporaries Compared
We compare the Fw 190 to two of its closest rivals.

Men Behind the Fw 190
Chris Goss describes the exceptional fighting career of Fw 190 pilot Josef ‘Sepp’ Wurmheller, a 102-victory ‘ace’.

Nick Stroud takes a look at the Luftwaffe’s ‘piggyback’ Fw 190-Ju 88 combination from the last desperate days of the Third Reich.

Fw 190 in Profile
Pete West artwork of a long-nose Focke-Wulf Fw 190D that flew in the latter part of the war.

In Combat
Use of the Fw 190 for photo-reconnaissance was rare. Chris Goss relates Johannes Settgast’s low-level sorties over Britain.

The Focke-Wulf fighter caught on camera.