FlyPast - December 2008

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" USS Intrepid comes 'home'
" Farnborough's Cody tribute
" Skymaster for Australia
" 'New' UK Hurricane
" USS Intrepid comes 'home'
" Corsair in from the cold
" Junkers F-13 project

News on other pages
Danish Drakens kept live and aflame!
Brooklands' jetliner teams
Restoring the oldest Dragon Rapide

In Focus
Inside the Halifax - tribute to a great bomber
Inside the Halifax
Incredible photography by Steve Fletcher from within the Yorkshire Air Museum's re-creation.

Unbeaten Warrior
Alan F Crouchman relates how Friday the 13th became the luckiest Halifax.

'Friday' Reborn
Ken Ellis explains how the Yorkshire Air Museum succeeded in the 'impossible'- a Halifax for Elvington!
Into Battle
On March 10, 1941 35 Squadron opened the 'batting' for the Halifax with a raid on Le Havre. Pete West's artwork highlights the unfortunate F-for-Foxtrot.

Triple DFC 'Op'
As a bomber pilot, Ron Buckland reckoned smoking wouldn't kill him. Bill Norman explains how right he was!

Down to Earth
A village was shattered when a stricken Halifax impacted on the green. Bill Norman describes the last flight of H-for-Harry.

'Tirpitz' Raider
The story of the RAF Museum's Halifax profiled by Daniel Ford.

Resistance Fighter
Canada's Liverpool-built Mk.VIII detailed by Jarrod Cotter.

Fire-breathing Dragons
In Denmark a 'royal' pair of SAAB Drakens are kept 'live' by enthusiasts. Soren Augustesen reports.

Hellenic Hurricanes
Kyriakos Paloulian and Tom Spencer recount the story of the Hurricane in service with the RAF's two Greek squadrons.

At the Brooklands Museum, a VC-10 and a BAC 111 are cosseted by devoted teams.

The Best Decision
Christopher Butcher pays tribute to his late father and his days as a Fleet Air Arm mechanic.

Taming the Black Widow
Service pilots did not believe that the big, bulky P-61 was a step forward. Warren E Thompson explains how John 'Maestro' Myers dazzled the doubters.

Men Behind the Medals
Bryan Colston was one of a small and vital band of pilots able to provide the Army with the photos it needed in the battles against Rommel. Graham Pitchfork examines his flying career.

Over the Trenches
Group Capt Nigel Walpole describes Tresco's sentinels, the flying-boats of 234 Squadron.

What's New
Product reviews and news.

Museums - Brazil
Nigel Price visited Rio de Janeiro to see one of Latin America's largest and most varied warbird collections.

Win! Bomber nose-art
Your chance to win one of two bomber nose-art replica panels from Farlam Airframes.

Airshow - Jersey
The International Airshow overcomes the weather!

From the Workshop
In Canada, the Reynolds Museum is at work on the oldest surviving DH Dragon Rapide.

Readers' letters and comments.

'Ops' Board
Where to go and what to see.

Shuttleworth's wonderful SE.5A.

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