FlyPast - July 2008

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Airman Extraordinary
Leonard Cheshire VC was a brilliant pilot and wartime leader. Franois Prins presents a personal portrait of the man.

Navy Test
Fleet Air Arm Pilot Fred Hefford went from dreaming of flying to perfecting fast jet operations.

From Little Acorns...
...Starfighters grow. From one cockpit, Brian McLain's collection now includes a whole F-104! Ken Ellis investigates.

Last of the Martins
Planes of Fame has taken delivery of the last airworthy Martin Skyliner. Frank B Mormillo reports.

P-38 Putt Putt Maru ready for flight; Vulcan completes testing; P-51 Marinell gets close; Mew Gull 'trailblazes' at Hendon; B-17 Liberty Belle bound for 'Flying Legends'; Ki-43 Oscar delivered to Seattle; Dams anniversary marked; SPAD XIII roll-out; Sally B suffers engine trouble; Battle of Britain Flight goes digital; Harrier two-seater joins museum; Spartan Executive bound for the UK... and shed-loads more!

Spitfire ferried to Texas

Yak-1 fighter makes progress

F-104 will taxi again

In Focus
Spitfires from a Different Angle
The Perfect Spitfire?
Proud owner Rod Lewis thinks he has a perfect example, and he's not alone. Frank B Mormillo profiles a new shape in Texas.

Turkish 'Delight'
Ferry pilot Peter George remembers a flight packed with 'character-building' moments!

Vietnam Prelude
The first strikes on Viet Minh forces in what became the First Vietnam War were very probably conducted by Spitfires of the RAF's 273 Squadron.

Spitfire in the Park
The tranquillity of a Merseyside park was shattered when a Spitfire dived into it. John Molyneux describes how a school had a miraculous escape.

18 The Way We Were
A double-bill of squadron histories, looking at both operational Nimrod units - 120 and 201.

What's New
Product reviews and news.

Aviation Art
Nicolas Trudgian and Colin Smith have launched a book extolling the virtues of pencil drawing.

Glory Days
Sad views from the scrap dump at Cosford in 1956 - that's no way to treat a Spitfire!

From the Workshop
A triple feature on Sussex-based Retrotec.

Sun 'n Fun, Old Warden and up-coming UK dates.

Readers' letters and comments.

Roundels File
The evolution of the US 'stars and bars'.

DHC's Caribou is 50.

Win! Win!
Win a Bf 109 Sim package from Flight 1.

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