FlyPast - June 2008

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A Navigator's Tale
Douglas Hudson was taken prisoner in 1940, but went on to complete a tour of 'ops' with 100 Squadron. Jarrod Cotter tells his story.

Airlift Afloat
Flying-boats were a valuable asset in the Berlin Airlift. Guy Warner examines 230 Squadron's contribution.

Curtain Up! Curtain Down!
Ken Ellis remembers a bizarre and short-lived museum of the 1980s.

Gearing Up
Vulcan XH558 is back in the air; we look at the preparations for mid-April test flights.

Hind Sight
An ambitious salvage for Hawker Hind biplanes from Afghanistan aims to put the airframes back into the air.


What's New
Product reviews and news.

Men Behind the Medals
Graham Pitchfork concludes our tribute to the late Typhoon Wing Leader Christopher 'Kit' North-Lewis.

Aviation Art
Artist Keith Woodcock was commissioned by the CIA to portray a highly unusual shoot-down.

From the Workshop
A busy time for Vintage Wings of Canada.

Take to the Skies
Our must-have guide to flying in historic aircraft, including two ways to fly in style when visiting Hawaii.

Wonderful Wanaka in New Zealand; previewing Spanhoe and up-coming UK dates.

Readers' letters and comments.

'Ops' Board
Where to go, what to see.

Inside the cockpit of a Heinkel He 162.
In Focus
PBY Catalina
'Splash and Go'
Nigel Price samples the delights of a Catalina flight experience in the Netherlands.

White Cat
The story behind the colour scheme chosen for the Duxford-based Plane Sailing 'Cat' explained by David Legg.

Black Cat
A profile of the Australian Historic Aircraft Restoration Society's PBY-6A by Craig P Justo.

Felines Worldwide
David Legg charts surviving 'Cats'.

Aluminum Falcon
The Palm Springs 'Super Cat', captured by Frank B Mormillo.