FlyPast - May 2008

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News - pages 6 to 16
News News News
Spitfire's past uncovered; P-40 makes first post-rebuild flight; A-20 on the move; Brewster returns to Europe; Dutch scheme for Harvard; Catalina departs France; 'Desert' Spitfire leaves Duxford for US; 'Connie' finally goes public; Oscar takes flight in the US; Tigercat for sale; Martin 4-0-4 back in the air; Breighton stops public access; P-61 Black Window update.and much, much, more!

News on Other pages
Shuttleworth's new hangar
Brooklands Museum's 'Avroplane'
Harvard's new colours

Men Behind the Medals
'Kit' North-Lewis was an outstanding ground-attack pilot. Graham Pitchfork outlines a remarkable flying career.

Roundels File
In the first of our new series on markings, David Howley looks at the evolution of the RAF's 'trademark' - the roundel.

Artist Profile - Alex Hamilton

In Phocus - F-4 Phantom
Phabulous Phantoms
Warren E Thompson pays an anniversary tribute to the Phantom in US Navy and Marines service.
Phantom Survivors Phile
Nearly 150 F-4s are preserved and with plenty of life left in the mighty fighter, that figure is bound to grow and grow. Andy Marden charts the museum retirees.

Naval Omega
Our artwork special zooms in on the Fleet Air Arm's 892 Squadron - the last to fly the Phantom from a carrier deck.

Alcock and Browne's Phantom
Pictorial profile of the RAF Museum's celebrated FGR.2.

From the Workshop
The Brooklands Museum's flyable 'Avroplane' project and its 'Eagle' Hurricane.

Over the Trenches - 'Munga' Acland
While his operational career was short, W H D Acland's time in the air was extraordinary - Jamie Tabor charts his grandfather's exploits.

Australia's Point Cook display plus the UK display calendar.

FlyPost - Readers' letters

Glory Days - Scottish Memories

'Ops' Board - Where to go, what to see

From the Paintshop
Roger Syratt highlights the recent repaint of a classic Harvard.

Finals - Udvar-Hazy Center


Peeling Back the Years
The Smithsonian's magnificent P-61 Black Widow profiled by Frank B Mormillo.

Biplane Magic - Something for All
Tony Haig-Thomas talked to Jarrod Cotter about how the Shuttleworth Collection offers a great day out for the whole family.

A Suitable Case for Design
Stanley Seager compiled a fascinating archive of his 52 years with the pioneering Westland company.