FlyPast - April 2008

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RAF at 90
Wing Leaders - How did they rate?
Well-known author and historian Norman Franks analyses what made a good airborne tactician.
Master Pilot
Robin Brooks pays tribute to the late Ludwik Steinke, a determined and gifted pilot.
'A Shaky Do'
Bomb aimer Flt Lt George M Wade remembers a traumatic return form the fateful Bomber Command raid on Nuremberg in March 1944.

Buccaneer Half-Century
Hard to believe, but the 'Bucc' is 50. Daniel Ford looks at the type's early days.

Grounded Forthwith!
Just what was going wrong with 244 Squadron's Wellingtons? J S Heslop was on the 'receiving end'.

You Won't Catch Me in Malta!
Bruce Blanche, Bill Simpson and David Ross conclude their re-examination of the case of Spitfire pilot Sgt 'Bud' Walcott.

Taking to the Silk - Twice
Lt Melvin V Corley survived two bale-outs, once from an F-51 over Korea and later from an F-104. Warren E Thompson describes his lucky breaks.

400mp on a Budget
Frank B Mormillo looks at Will Whiteside's Yak unlimited racer.


News News News
'Mossie' to visit the UK?; Vulcan XH558 hits economic 'turbulence'; CAF Thunderbolt rebuild in Texas; Gannet leaves Flambards; Air Atlantique to end DC-3 passenger flights?; Smithsonian receives $15m windfall; Fleet Air Arm Historic Flight Sea Fury offered for sale; Bentley Priory Lightning sold; 'Zero' look-alike for France; Typhoon breezes into Hendon; Tiger Moth flies in Israel; UK airshow cancellations; Museum of Flight's Grumman FM-2 Wildcat comes together; 'JP' lands at Popham, and much, much more!

In Focus - Republic Thunderbolt
Chance Encounter
In February 1945 Lt David Fox and his P-47 were in the right place at the right time. As Warren E Thompson explains, the young pilot made a name for himself by shooting down an Arado Ar 234 jet bomber.
Chrysler 'Bolt-on
The awesome XP-47H and its V-16 engine.
P-47 Survivors
Nigel Price details the world's population of Thunderbolts.
Bolt in the Blue
Lone Star Flight Museum's Chief Pilot, Tom Gregory, talks to Nigel Price about flying the P-47.
Ultimate 'Jug'
End of the line, the XP-72 - and just why were they called 'Jugs'?
Brazil's Veterans
Nigel Price examines the warpaint and markings of Brazilian P-47s flown in combat during World War Two.

Museums - Redhill
Ken Ellis and Duncan Cubitt report from the UK's latest aviation museum.

Museums - North American Options
A selection of venues to visit in the USA and Canada; chosen by Jarrod Cotter.

We Salute You - In memoriam

FlyPost - Readers' letters

'Ops Board - Where to go, what to see

Cover Stories
Lone Star's Thunderbolt
'Tarheel Hal' heads up our special study of the Republic P-47

RAF at 90
We celebrate the RAF's 90th anniversary - that's Ibsley's Wing Leader, Wg Cdr I R Gleed, with his personalised Spitfire

Buccaneer Half-Century
Surely the 'Bucc' isn't 50 yet! Yes it is, and we mark the occasion