FlyPast - March 2008

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You Won't Catch Me in Malta!
Bruce Blanche, Bill Simpson and David Ross re-examine the case of Spitfire pilot Sgt 'Bud' Walcott - deserter or enigma?

Night-Fighter Maestro
The remains of a Dornier in the Netherlands lie as stark testament to a gifted pilot. Chris Goss charts the career of Helmut Woltersdorf.

French Lessons
Peter D Cornwell is the author of the already iconic The Battle of France Then and Now. He examines aspects of the momentous campaign, setting some previously-held opinions to rest.

Broken Arrow
Fifty years ago Canada flew the awesome CF-105 Arrow interceptor - a year later the whole project had been terminated. Daniel Ford pays tribute.

Fortunes of War
With the war nearly over and their minds drifting to the idea of returning home, the crew of B-26 Vulgar Vulture were dealt a cruel blow. Alan F Crouchman explains.

By the Seat of My Pants
Reg Redford remembers his days with the Air Defence Cadet Corps learning to fly in a 'stick-and-string' glider.

News News News
Airworthy Spitfire for New Zealand; Bournemouth Museum update; End of the line for UK's Jaguars; DHC Beaver repainted at Duxford; Redhill Museum to open; Iowa's Mustang tribute; Hangar for Manchester's Concorde; Boost for B-17 Sally B; F-22 Raptor preserved in Ohio; New display hall opens at Le Bourget; Messerschmitt Bf 109 to fly again in Germany?; Mustang repaint; three Super Stars for Lufthansa Classic Flight; Storch rebuild at Old Warden, and much, much, more!

What's New - product reviews

Museums - Biscay 'Boats

In Focus - Avro Shackleton
'Mr MacHenry's' Last Stand
Paul Filmer reports on the last flight by a Mk.2 Shackleton.
'Cold War' Sentinels
Shackleton AEW.2s - the long-lived 'eyes in the sky'.
Christmas Island or Bust!
Jim Hughes witnessed one of the UK's H-bomb tests, when he was travelling courtesy of 240 Squadron's multi-tasking Shackletons.

Glory Days
Images with a Scottish flavour from the album of Bill 'Dusty' Millar.

'Ops' Board - where to go, what to see

From the Workshop - One
Ed Davies reports from Seattle where Bob Dempster is working hard to recreate a huge Douglas biplane and dreaming of taking it around the world.

FlyPost - readers' letters

From the Workshop - Two
Ken Ellis reports on a challenging restoration of a Soviet Il-2 for the Royal Air Force Museum.

Take to the Skies
Sibson aerodrome near Peterborough is a great place to sample the delights of a beautiful Tiger Moth.

Cover Stories
Shackleton - In Focus
Wonderful AEW.2 Mr MacHenry has retired and hung up his contra-props. We cover the ferry flight to Arizona on page 44 and take a look at other aspects of the 'Shack'. BILL CRUMP