FlyPast - April 2007

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High Calibre 'Huey'
In an emotive re-union Vietnam veterans re-acquaint themselves with the helicopter they fought in.

From Out of the Skies
Ray Ward flew as a Halifax wireless operator/air gunner in support of the Warsaw uprising and Eastern European partisans. Roy Boner pieces together his flying exploits.

Old Warden's New 'Air force'
Quick action by classic aircraft owner/pilot Peter Holloway has secured a quartet of rare German types for British skies.

The Great SAM Hunt
Having piloted Voodoos on exchange with the USAF, Gp Capt Nigel Walpole developed a respect for F-101 pilots. He recounts a low-level mission flown by colleagues over Vietnam.

First in the West
Chino's The Air Museum 'Planes of Fame' has clocked up its half-century - the first permanent air museum in the American west. Frank B Mormillo raised a glass (and a lens!) at the celebrations.


News News News
Cosford's 'Cold War' exhibition hall opens to the public; Vulcan XH558 edges nearer to flight; Bf 109 unveiled in Moscow; Former RAF 'Dak' to Australia; War colours for 'Fw 190'; Norfolk-based Stinson back in the air; Harvard takes flight in Germany; Swedish Lodestar restored; New Avenger for Australia; Memorial Flight anniversary plans announced; Broussard joins the UK circuit; 'Luftwaffe' Harvard for Ohio; Irish exports and much, much more!

Glory Days
Towards the end of World War One, France developed an incredible air-portable field hospital.

The Way We Were - 100 Squadron
Jarrod Cotter profiles the career of 100 Squadron, formed as the first dedicated night bomber unit 90 years ago.

What's New - product reviews

Falklands Sea Harriers in combat
Fighter Supreme
The Falklands conflict showed everyone what a world-beater the Harrier was. David Hobbs describes the exploits of the Navy's 'SHARs'.
The Last All-British Fighter
David Hobbs describes the development of the naval Harrier.
Conflict survivors
A round-up of which Falklands conflict Sea Harrier and Harrier veterans are still extant.

Museums - Lashenden, Kent

From the Workshop
Charlie Morris flies an indigenous Australian Genairco. Craig P Justo describes the restoration of a 'home grown' biplane.

Airshow - Wairarapa
Warbirds galore in New Zealand.

'Ops' Board - where to go, things to do

FlyPost - readers' letters

And Another Thing... editorial comment

Touring Guide - The Solent

I Counted Them All Out...
Special features on the exploits of Harriers - with emphasis on the incredible 'SHAR' - during the Falklands conflict

Museum Saver Vouchers
Save œœœœs at a wide variety of museums and collections. And there are MORE to come next month!

The Way We Were
No.100 Squadron was known as 'The Boneyard' - find out why