FlyPast - April 2006

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The Way We Are
We thought it opportune to give readers an overview of the 56 present-day RAF squadrons to complement our series The Way We Were.

It's Mine!
Vic Flintham and Andrew Thomas examine the Spitfires that carried the initials of senior officers - the ultimate personalised number plate!

The First 'Spitfire'
Ken Ellis concludes his study of the Supermarine Type 224, a frustrated fighter that gave rise to the immortal Spitfire.

Man and Machine
Frank B Mormillo pays tribute to Art Vance and his Hellcat - lives well lived.

Phantom Reunion
Museum trustee Gp Capt David Baron was very pleased to welcome FGR.2 XV408 to Tangmere. Hugh Trevor found out why.

Ever-decreasing 'Few'
Nigel Price reviews surviving F-4 Phantoms in the UK and RAF machines overseas.

Join the Team!
A unique chance to see Cranfield's Lightning T.5 in action.

Claresholme Cowboys
Concluding his story of RAF student pilots training for NATO in Canada, 'Bish' describes how they could soar with eagles.


News... News... News...
Hunter flies in the UK; Northern collection on the move; B-17 restoration; rare look inside North Korea's war museum; Shuttleworth changes; Fairey Battle arrives for rebuild; Dutch P-51; B-25 Bedsheet Bomber heads south... And much, much more!

The Way We Were
In the latest in our series on the heritage of current RAF units, Jarrod Cotter looks at the life and times of 70 Squadron, which celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Airshow - 'FlyPast' events 2006

In Focus - Piper Cub
Three Times a Survivor - Ken Wakefield proves that old Cubs never die, they simply fade away!

Cutaway - lightplane legend, the Cub.

'Naughty Nanette' and Friends - Geoff Jones reports from Minnesota on a 'winter project' Pacific Theatre Cub.

High Wire Act - Captain James H Brodie and Major John C Kriegsman talk to James P Busha about the radical 'trapeze' for light aircraft - the Brodie Rig.

What's New - products and books

'Ops' Board - where to go, what to see

FlyPost - the readers have their say

Touring Guide - RAF Museum Cosford

From the Workshop
Ron Werneth visits New Zealand's Pioneer Aero - kings of the Kittyhawk.

Cover Stories
Man and Machine
Tribute to Art Vance and his Hellcat. FRANK B MORMILLO

Trapeze Act
Mid-air landings made easy thanks to the Brodie Rig - the amazing device to 'capture' light aircraft where runways are impossible - see page 60. Our In Focus special on the Piper Cub starts on page 53.

Herculean Tasks
From Sopwiths to the mighty Hercules, the heritage of the RAF's 70 Squadron - see page 20.

Spitfire Origins
Continuing the story of the Supermarine Type 224 - the frustrated fighter that gave rise to the world-beating Spitfire - see page 40.