FlyPast - April 2005

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Competitions Special!
A fine selection of prizes worth over œ1,000 are up for grabs in our easy-to-enter mega competition! Win a flight in a classic DH Dove aircraft, event tickets, a hamper, prints or even a Wellington model - see page 49 for more details. We also have a goodie-bag give-away in our recce test on page 74. Regulars

News! News! News!
Messerschmitt powers-up in the UK; Sea Harrier preserved; Plans announced for Kemble; High-ground Stirling recovered; Havoc at Solway museum; Hooton Park gets Lottery funding; Beaufort on the move; 72 Squadron remembers its heritage; Lightning progress in Mississippi; Breitling Jets expand; Starliners up of sale and news and much, much more!

The Way We Were
As the 16 and 54 Squadrons disband, our series looking at the history of current RAF units details their illustrious past.

With the new season almost upon us, we focus on forthcoming FlyPast supported events.

Museums - Lone Star
Nigel Price and Duncan Cubitt report from the Texas Lone Star Flight Museum, one of America's premier 'living' museums.

FlyPost - mailbag

Glory Days
Lockheed Constellations plying their trade at Coventry are caught by David J Smith's camera.

'Ops' Board - events and happenings

What's New - product reviews

In Focus: Fairey Swordfish
We turn the In Focus 'Spotlight' on this deadly maritime biplane.

The first 'Stringbag'
Daniel Ford looks at Swordfish No.1.

'Stringbag' Survivors
All of the world's remaining Swordfish aircraft.

Merchant Adventurers
Andrew Thomas tells the fascinating story of the 'Stringbag' on board the Allied Merchant Aircraft Carriers.

Merlins to Malta
From carrier to combat in the same sortie - Angus Mansfield tells of his grandfather's valour off the Mediterranean Island in World War Two.

Stars 'n' Bars

Gallant Determination
Alan Crouchman outlines an epic B-26 Marauder mission to bomb Venlo airfield.

Life with the 'Eagles'
James P Busha talks to 1st Lt Frank Oiler about his time with the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford.

A Gunner's Tale
Paul B Cora describes B-29 Superfortress gunner Paul G Vleck's 35 missions over Japan.

Hunting SAMs
'Wild Weasel' F-105 Thunderchief missions over Vietnam are examined by Warren E Thompson.