FlyPast - April 2004

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Beverley's Beverley is sold; Aviodrome's 'Connie' is rolled out; Firefly TT.Is arrive at Duxford; Vulcan XH558 update; Breitling Jets display team formed; Spitfire leaves Duxford bound for Texas; Thunderbird's smart new livery; Corsair progressing well at Yeovilton; Boeing Stratofrighter scrapped in France; Blackbird goes on show; Bulldog for Cosford; Dutch museum on the move and much, much, more.

The Way We Were
In the first of a new series that describes the heritage of present-day RAF Squadrons, Jarrod Cotter highlights 4 Squadron's impressive history.

Men Behind the Medals
Graham Pitchfolk charts the career of artillery spotter pilot Captain Aubrey Young.

What's New Reviews

Destiny and 'S-for-Sugar'
Howard Heeley tells of Stan Bray's time as wireless operator flying in the RAF Museum's famous Avro Lancaster.

Return of the MiG-Slayer
The combat career of an Israeli Dassault Mirage IIICJ is outlined by Juan Carlos Cicalesi, Hern n Casciania and C‚sar del Gaizo.

Fighter Pilot's Paradise
Robin Brooks recounts combat over the skies of Malta.

From the Workshop
Ken Ellis and Nigel Price look at a Miles classic in Duxford's workshop.

Jarrod Cotter and Duncan Cubitt visit one of Australia's leading collections, the Temora Aviation Museum.

Ocean Guardians
Andrew Thomas tells the story of the first 'Free Norwegian' Squadron in World War Two.

Fairey Gannets in civilian hands are reviewed by our UK registration guru, George D Ash.

NASA and the Gannet
Daniel Ford explains how the USA's first Gannet was used in a remarkable experiment.

Precious Voices
Showcasing a new project that is helping to preserve rare aviation heritage related audio recordings.

We Salute You - In Memory

Glory Days
A portfolio of hot-natured DH Venoms, provided by Andy Thomas.

'Ops' Board - Events and Website

FlyPost - Mail Bag

Duty Carried Out
Jack Talliss remembers the deeds of Flt Lt P F Thompson DFC.

Behind the Photograph
David G Powers recounts the story of a famous World War Two image.

Miraculous Return
Kent Austin Ramsey and Allen Ostrom describe how a battle-damaged B-17 got home to its base against all the odds.

Invading the Night
Warren E Thompson explains the perilous night interdiction missions carried out by B-26 Invaders during the Korean War.

Clearing the Way
Douglas Skyraiders in combat in the skies over Vietnam.