FlyPast - December 2003

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Spitfire and Harvard depart the UK; Make or break time for Vulcan XH558; World War One classic retires; Whitley parts recovered; Substantial German Ju 52 recovered; Warbirds rolled out in Canada; Concorde retires from scheduled services; BBMF returns to Coningsby; FAST opens its doors; Dakota departs Coventry; Mustang rebuilds in the USA; 'Mossie' rolled out at Kemble; Beech Naval Encounter gets its wings - and much, much, more!

Jungle Strike Force
The exploits of the RAF's Third Tactical Air Force in Burma are recounted by Graham Pitchfork.

What's New - Reviews

Century of Flight - December

Outlook.Rolling Thunder
Bruntingthorpe's jets entertain the crowds, as Nigel Price looks on.

More Treasures of Youth
Roy Bonser concludes his update on airframes used by the ATC during World War Two.

Rounding off the 2003 season with reports from Midland, Old Warden, Duxford, Malta, North Weald and Reno.

Nigel Price visits the Wright Brothers' Flyer Museum at Dayton, Ohio.

A Letter Home.
Prisoner of War 2nd Lt Eric Hall writes to his mother in 1917 of his miraculous survival from a stricken RE.8.

From the Workshop
Jarrod Cotter tells of an epic RE.8 restoration at Duxford.

Green Python Down
Nigel Walpole charts the daring rescue of a downed F-101 Voodoo pilot during the Vietnam War.

Alpine Companions
A warbird gathering - Swiss-style - is described by Erich Gandet.

FlyPost - Mail Bag

'Ops' Board - Events and competition winners

Over Here US airfields of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Jet Killers
Warren E Thompson tells of Fowlmere's P-51 Mustangs in action against Messerschmitt Me 262s