FlyPast - October 2003

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Duxford's Anson rolled out; Polikarpov arrives at Old Warden; New exhibits for Hendon; Grumman Goose on the way back; Hurricane for memorial; 'Navy One' retired; Wessex visits the paintshop; Classic Boeings on the move; Mull Gull for Reno; Restored Hunter takes flight in Australia; Rare outing for Dutch Spitfire; Progress at the Solway Aviation Museum and much, much, more!

What's New - Reviews

Bomb Aiming Epic
Norman Lees recounts the wartime deeds of the RAF's Cyril Manning.

Glory Days
Eastleigh, Kenya, in the late 1940s.

Encounter over the Bay
Nigel Price describes how a World War Two battle inspired a new limited edition print.

FlyPost - Mail Bag

Martin, 'Percy' and the 'Rascal'
The warbirds of Martin Willing.

Inverted over Haiphong
An incredible mission over Vietnam is outlined by Warren E Thompson.

A Hard Day's Night
A Luftwaffe raid on Bristol that did not go according to plan, as Bill Norman recounts.

Dark Horses
Our night-time P-51 Mustang extravaganza from North Weald.

Lincolnshire Spitfire
A Spitfire has made a home in the county renowned for its bombers. Keith Brenchley profiles MJ627.

Curtiss P-40 in focus
Curtiss P-40s NX1941P and ZK-CAG pose for the camera during a sortie in New Zealand in April. Craig P Justo relates recent Kiwi P-40 restorations, while Daniel Ford examines how to tell the difference between a Warhawk, a Kittyhawk and a Tomahawk.

Roger A Freeman describes a disastrous B-26 Marauders' mission.

'Ops' Board - Events and Web Sites

Century of Flight - October

Reports from Oshkosh, Old Warden, Goodwood, Rougham's Stearman Fly-in, Woodchurch and Geneseo, plus forthcoming dates.

From the Workshop
Alan Beattie tells of a mission impossible for the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group.

'Captain Bubba' and the 'Tall Cool One'
A father and daughter with a love of warbirds, as Frank B Mormillo reports.