FlyPast - July 2003

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Farewell to the Breitling Fighters; Sea Vixen goes corporate; 'Dam Busters' remembered; Beaufort unveiled in Australia; Tempest NV778 rolled out at Cosford; Duxford-based Spitfire IX and Harvard sold; Amy Johnson tribute; what of Saddam's relics; a P-38 Lightning for Duxford and much more.

What's New - Reviews

From Heinkel to Me 262 'Storm Bird'
Hartmut Feldmann charts the experiences of Luftwaffe KG100 pilot Hubert Lange.

That cockpit habit
Vulcan guru Paul Hartley talks about the trials and tribulations of cockpit ownership.

Three in One
Elfan ap Rees with details of a major coup by The Helicopter Museum.

Glory Days
A Middle East selection, care of William A Emmerson.

RAF Pilot training
John Facer reminisces about his time flying Cornells in Oklahoma.

Duxford's curtain-raiser, old meets new in Texas, details of a fighter pilots' symposium and all the forthcoming dates - worldwide.

Century of Flight - July

Roaring Thunder
Hugh Trevor concludes his homage to the classic English Electric Lightning.

FlyPost - Mail Bag

From the Workshop
'KT' Budde-Jones reports on a two-seat P-40 being brought back to life.

'Ops' Board Calendar and Web Sites

B-29 graveyard
China Lake's famous target range explored by Steve Grivno.

RAF Liberators in Focus
Nigel Price tells of valour over the North Sea - page 24, Jarrod Cotter summarises the types service history - page 28, and how a FlyPast reader helped to fill the gaps in the history of the Collings Foundation's Liberators - page 31.

Ground attack Sabre Warren E Thompson outlines F-86F fighter-bomber 'ops' during the latter days of the Korean War - page 44. Front cover - North American F-86F Sabre 25139 (NX86F) No Jokers. KEY-DUNCAN CUBITT