FlyPast - June 2003

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First exhibits into Hendon's 'Milestones'; Old Warden gears up; Concorde's retirement announced; P-40 restored in New Zealand; Lottery money for Newark; Texas Raiders grounded; Russian Kingcobras in the UK; D-Day Museum calls it a day; on location with OFMC's Kittyhawk and much more.

Supplying the Partisans
Latest in our 'Men Behind the Medals' series, Graham Pitchfork charts the career of 267 Squadron's Jack Strain.

What's New - Reviews

Bomber Training
Ken Delve concludes his look at Bomber Command training.

Quick-Reaction 'Colt'
Newark's Howard Heeley tells the remarkable story of a short-notice delivery flight.

We Salute You

Retreat from Argos
Simon Gifford tells the story of RAF Hurricanes amid the olive groves.

Lightning guru Hugh Trevor pays homage to the breed.

US Airfields in South-West England
Daniel Ford looks at the 'Troopers and Mariners'.

Navy Sub-Hunters
John V W Gregory describes long-range missions against German U-boats from Dunkeswell.

'Ops' Board Calendar and Web Sites

UK and overseas dates, show reports and more.

FlyPost - Mail Bag

Indian Showcase
David Willis visits the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum at Bangalore.

Century of Flight - June

Clouds with Rocks Inside
David Morgan details a tragedy involving a Coastal Command Lancaster that crashed in the Scottish Highlands.

From the Workshop
Craig P Justo examines the return of a Westland Widgeon.