FlyPast - March 2003

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News... News...
Seattle Me 262 landing accident; Planes of Fame Hellcat in air collision; Australian Spitfire for sale; Swiss Constellation prospects; Biggin Hill Vampire accident analysis and UK accident review 2002; US Lightning goes 'live'; Hunters for the UK show circuit and Buccaneer on the UK civil register and much, much more...

Happily Ever After...
The story of the American film actress and the Polish Spitfire pilot - told by Krzysztof Kubala.

What's New - Reviews

Century of Flight - March

Shackleton Reborn
Nigel Price reports on the return to life of WR963 in Coventry.

Marauder Country
Our Over Here series looks at the airfields of Essex.

Sherman's Second Chance
Alan F Crouchman describes an incredible feat of airmanship.

Hooked Hurricanes
Daniel Ford examines sea-going Hurricanes and the Shuttleworth Collection's magnificent survivor.

Broken Eagle
Bill Norman describes how anti-aircraft fire and 'Annie' the barrage balloon downed a Dornier.

Giant's Lair
While the 'Spruce Goose' dominates the Evergreen Museum, all the exhibits are impressive. Ken Ellis reports from Oregon.

One-Flight Wonder
Daniel Ford on the life and times of the 'Spruce Goose'.

Boredom, Bravery and Carnage
In the first of a two-part article, Wg Cdr Peter West recounts 12 Squadron's heroic attack on the Maastricht bridges.

From the Workshop
In Wolverhampton the spirit of Boulton Paul has produced an outstanding tribute to the Defiant. Ken Ellis reports.

Defiant to the Last
Alec Brew explains the choice of markings for the Wolverhampton Defiant.

Winter Warmer
Just to upset readers in the Northern Hemisphere, the airshow season is well under way 'Down Under'.

'Ops' Board - Calendar

WWW - Web Sites

FlyPost - Mail Bag

Night Prowlers
Pip Stowell remembers his days flying Meteors and Javelins in the Night All Weather role.

Glory Days
A South African Air Force 'springbok' Sunderland from Ray Leach.

Five North Americans for one Italian South African... Frederic Lert profiles to the Nissan 'Flying Lions' Harvard team.