FlyPast - February 2003

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Seattle's Me 262 gets airborne - briefly; great changes at the RAF Museum; Australia's flying Korean Meteor; backing for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Mosquito prototype; Douglas DC-4 bound for South Africa; Rolls-Royce to rebuild Spitfire and much more.

Stirling Bomber Crew
Steve Smith presents the story of an Australian Stirling pilot and his all-too-brief operational flying.

In Love with the 'Lanc'
Ron Wells got to fly the Lancaster in war and peace - Norman Lees describes his two 'tours'.

Displaying the Canberra
Four features on Australia's airworthy EE Canberra, from Stuart Ross, Phil Shaw and Craig P Justo.

Miles of Magic
Peter Holloway is devoted to the wonderful Miles stable and regularly shows them off.

Air Cadet Spitfires
Roy Bonser concludes his major study of the airframes used by the Air Training Corps.

From the Workshop 1
A Luftwaffe double bill. Munich's Heinkel He 111 makes progress.

From the Workshop 2
Florida's exceptional Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8 project.

Enjoy Today, Tomorrow We Die!
Low-level action with 247 Squadron's Typhoons, described by David Ross.

Century of Flight
Nigel Price picks out some February happenings in the aviation world 1903-2003.

RAAF Museum
Another double-bill: Keith Wilson visits the birthplace of the RAAF.

Moorabbin Air Museum
.and the oldest volunteer-run museum in Australia.

Glory Days
Dave Smith presents images of the Empire Air Days at Leuchars in Scotland.

'Ops' Board Calendar

Vulcan - What Next?
The Lottery Fund explains its decision and readers let rip!

Beaufighter Test-pilot
Don Darbyshire profiles the career of Australian test-pilot Harold Shelton.

FlyPost - Mail Bag

Dragon Ship
Frank B Mormillo captures a 'Gooney Bird' that has turned into a 'Spooky' gunship.