Classic Military Vehicle - September 2019

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Ford GP
A Jeep, but not as we know it…

Show Time
Reviews of various military events

Battle ‘Bug’
When the Beetle went to war

Military Motorcycles
Two-wheelers used by the British in World War Two

Too little, too late
The US Anti-aircraft Artillery Service

The load-bearing Humvee
Part two of John Teasdale’s look at the iconic vehicle

The Light Tank
The Mark V and L4E1

Sting in the tail
‘Osa’ - the Russian Wasp

Old School Warrior
Mark Burley’s Snatch Land Rover


Gear Guide
Gadgets and gear from around the world

News and Letters
News and correspondence from readers

Military Vehicle Market
What’s hot, what’s not and what’s expensive

New Books
New releases from respected publishers

Museum of the Month
The Memorial Pegasus museum

Event List
Events you need to know about

Echoes of War
Unita’s Jonas Savimbi