Classic Military Vehicle - May 2019

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Tank Destroyer
A closer look at the Marder III owned by Jon Phillips

Henry Ford and the tank
Ford’s foray into tank building during World War One

Arnhem’s Heavy Hauler
The triumphs and troubles of owning a Leyland Hippo Mk II GS

Day of the Jackal
The MWMIK in Afghanistan

Hard Graft in Vietnam
Building a hill-top fire support base

Load up!
How to test load a military transport aircraft Soviet Style

Flying Flea
The motorbike that leapt into service with the airborne forces

Centurion AVRE
The answer to the Royal Engineers’ needs

The Big Shot
Dodge’s capable go anywhere six-wheeler

Pagefield Model N Lorry
It was thought there were no survivors, until one turned up


News and Letters
News and feedback from the MV world

Military Vehicle Market
What’s happening in the military vehicle market

New Books
New releases for your collection

Kits in Focus
The best Marder III model kits

Museum of the Month
Eden Camp in North Yorkshire

Event List
Military vehicle events you need to know about

Echoes of War
The Medium Tank M3