Classic Military Vehicle - April 2019

£4.70 (Approx $5.90 or €5.33)



Road to Recovery
A 6x6 Foden recovery vehicle owned by Arran Whittaker

The First Armoured Cars
Looking back over 100 years to the birth of the armoured car

A Tale of Two Trucks
Recounting the history of the Matador

Sweet on Saurer
A look at a Saurer 4K 4FA-G2 Schutzenpanzer

Laying Lines
The vehicles used by the US Army Signal Corps WWI

RAF Fordson N Tractor
A stalwart from WWII airfields

A New Amphibian
An appraisal of the Vietnam-era LVTP-7 amphibious landing craft

Everyone Wants a Porsche
Porsche involvement in military vehicles from the beginning to 1981

WMIKs in Iraq
First produced in 1999 and based on the standard Wolf TUM 110

Looking for the Remote
The development of Russian remote- controlled tanks in the 1930s


News and Products
Letters, news and products for the MV enthusiast

Military Vehicle Market
What’s hot, what’s not and what’s expensive

New Books
Four new releases from respected publishers

Kits in Focus
The best Matador model kits

Museum of the Month
The Gunfire Artillery and Armour Museum in Belgium

Event List
All the events you need to know about

Echoes of War
The use of dummy tanks before D-Day