Classic Military Vehicle - February 2019

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Caunter Offensive
An Austin K30 truck in the early desert camouflage scheme

Port of Embarkation
Shipping lorries from the USA during World War One

The Panhard EBR series armoured cars

Quite a Journey
A 1962 Studebaker truck from Vietnam

To the Universal and Beyond
The rare Loyd Carrier from the early years of World War Two

Das Kleine Wunder
The German Munga produced by Auto Union under its DKW brand

Building Blocks
USMC Engineers deployed in Vietnam

Industry and Style
The Wehrmacht’s Type 82 Kübelwagen and its legacy

The Lost Russian Bear
The story of the immediately post-war Russian YaAZ trucks


News and Products
What’s new and what’s not, snippets from around the globe

Military Vehicle Market
The monthly round-up of sales, wants and auctions

New Books
Four recently published books for military vehicle enthusiasts

Collectable Books
Books detailing the Battle of Anzio - 75 years ago this month

Museum of the Month
The Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands

Event List
2019 is building up to becoming a busy year

The winter of 1941 in Kent and a Bedford MW

Echoes of War
The ‘forgotten’ 14th Army in Burma