Classic Military Vehicle - December 2018

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Air Force Ariel
Riding the RAF Ariel 350cc W/NG motorcycle

Event Report
The 2018 Gaydon museum military show

Canadian Invasion
Half a dozen Canadian Military Pattern trucks in Kent

Motorising an Air Force
This month’s authoritative instalment of World War One vehicles

Spare Parts
40 ASP kept the World War Two Desert Air Force flying

Khe Sanh Cruiser
An M151A1 MUTT that dates back to the era of the Vietnam War

Highland Hagglunds
A Hagglunds BV206 that has found a new lease of life after its army use

Tactical Traveller
The humble Morris 1000 was even part of the BAOR’s inventory

Three Piece Sweet
A desert painted Morris FAT Quad, limber and 25-pdr from Somerset

Old Soldiers on Parade
The Russian T-34-85 medium tank and SU-100 SP gun


News and Products
From V1s to battery chargers and Matadors

Military Vehicle Market
Prices and sales of green machines

Museum of the Month
The Cornwall at War collection

New Books
Four new releases for the bookshelves

Collectable Books
Two military vehicle books from 1983

Event List
2019 is going to be busy and fun

US Army manoeuvres in 1941

Echoes of War
An interesting photograph from the archives